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    台灣的夜市可溯自清朝末年的廟會與市集,此二者早期是人民休閒及社交主要的場所。在台灣早年農村社會中,以民俗節慶活動聚集廟宇,形成廟會活動,圍繞廟會活動的商業買賣、鄉土小吃及娛樂遊戲等交易行為,就漸而形成市集,進而成了當今的商店街的走向。猶記民國四五十年代,當年在廟會節慶之外的夜間市集,大多以江湖賣藥,耍弄武術為主要的夜市活動。在當年電視媒體娛樂尚未普及的年代,夜市遊憩生活曾是扮演很重要的休閒角色。幾十年後夜市形態,已由流動攤販變為一般夜市,其營業時間較為固定,而如今型態又轉變為以塊狀固定輪流方式,於各地的趕集性夜市呈現。The night market of Taiwan can be traced back to thelocal religious fairs and market of late Qing Dynasty. The beginning of thosetwo is the gathering place of the leisure and social activities of people. Duringthe early years of the rural farming community of Taiwan, the Folk Festivals congregatein temples metamorphosed into current fairs. The fairs activities are surrounded by commerce trading, such as thelocal snacks, entertainment games, and other trading events. The market is formed gradually, and then thetrend leads to today's shopping district. Still remembering 1940’sand 1950’s, within those night markets other than the fairs celebration, snakeoil peddlers and Wushu jugglers are the major night market activities. In the era of the electronic entertainment mediaare not yet universal; the night market was played a very important rule of theleisure life. Several decades later, nightmarkets are transformed from street mobile peddlers into regular night markets. The business hour is relatively fixed. Theformat of the market now has changed to the block types of take-turns fixedpattern. In other words, they changed tothe country fairs night market.

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