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Becoming a professional fighter?

Im 15 currently training Muay thai, Karate, and a little submission grappling. I am really dedicated fighting conditioning on non training days and always practicing. Training in organized classes at least 7 hours a week and practicing non stop and eating well. Any advice and out of the following pro mma organizations which is the easiest to get into?




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    none of them come easy, but the one that would be the hardest i would say is WEC because there merged with the ufc, so u need lots of talent. MY advice is to be ready to make some scrifices if you are going to be an mma fighter, heres what you should do. keep doing what youre doing but get a more solid ground game with some jiujitsu... start training MMA, arrange your team and your first fight *planning is key* make sure u have some good training to help u rack up some wins and when u do, get a sponsor, the sponsor will pay for all ur training and all your trips neccessary. start working your way up from there and when u have an impressive record under your belt go chek in with the big orginazations (if they havent already cheked in with you)... send them some videos of your fights , and if they like what they see, theyll give you a call back. good luck man

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