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Do you think that the US needs a corporate CEO as president?

remember if you will, that the CEO of a company, just like YOU would for YOUR company, rule their respective companies as dictators.

Is that what you want? A dictator as president?

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    The Government isn't a business it is the government.

    The government is a service paid for by taxes, That serves WE THE PEOPLE.

    No we tried that with W.

    Herman Cain thinks we knew where Osama was in 2003 Weeeendy....



    John Galt!! REALLY??

    DID YOU READ THE BOOK? Do you even know what the significance of that names meaning?? Are you that f-ing retarded? No really!! That is amazing!! I have seen stupid things on here but WOW!! That is the winner!

    Gratz Teabagger!!!

    Source(s): W's torture chambers closed in 2003.
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    You can't shut the barn door now, the CEO is out!

    UNITED STATES is a Corporation - There are Two Constitutions - Sovereignty

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    On Constitutional Concerns

    Ron Paul

    May 5 2011

    Last week the media focused on President Obama’s basic eligibility to be president while ignoring the unconstitutional manner in which he governs. For example, his recent use of a signing statement to affect a line-item veto on a bill he signed into law as president. The recent continuing resolution to fund the government through September had an amendment that defunded four of his czar positions as a cost-cutting measure. These “czars” are administration appointees who exercise influence on policy matters, yet because they are classified as “advisors” and not cabinet officials, the President is able to avoid the Senate confirmation process.

    President Obama agreed to defund the czar positions before passage as part of some very tough negotiations, and then afterwards “clarified” his position with a signing statement saying that he would ignore that portion of the law. Many battles have been fought in the past over whether or not the president should have line-item veto power. That debate is essentially settled. The president does not have that power, as that gives the executive too much legislative power. This administration just over-rode all of those debates with a single signing statement and assumed the power that no one would willingly give him.

    This comes on the heels of this so-called peace candidate, who hasn’t ended a single war, taking us into yet another war without a declaration from Congress. The military commanders don’t seem to have batted an eyelash at obeying unconstitutional orders despite their oaths of office. The bombings continue without a second thought. So here we have an executive who illegally legislates and single-handedly takes the nation to war. Obviously there are bigger constitutional issues here than the form of his birth certificate.

    The release of the birth certificate unfortunately trumped media coverage of the historic first-ever press conference held by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Usually he testifies before congressional hearings and I, as a congressman ask him questions, but on Wednesday, he spoke before the press and took questions from reporters. Other central banks do this kind of thing all the time, but for the Fed, this was a first and a sign that they are feeling pushback from the people about what they are doing to our money. Of course, nothing of any real substance was said, so it was a hollow, if interesting gesture on the part of the Fed.

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    No dictators allowed.

    No CEO's allowed either.

    This means YOU, Donald Trump!

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    10 years ago

    Not that cheesy Trump but there are good CEOs

    I have worked with ones that treated every one well

    You are too negative on this

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    let me teach you something about businesses. CEOs are like the president and all politicians should be. yes CEOs run the business but unlike a dictator they have to answer to the Share holders who are their bosses. in the same way politicians have to answer to us the voters. yet politicians seem to have forgotten that fact.

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    10 years ago

    Would you vote lex luthor for president? Hell noooooo.....

  • 10 years ago

    They need something better than what we have right noe. Right now we have nothing at all.

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    10 years ago

    Hmm not exactly but it could be cool.

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    10 years ago

    We already have a dictator as a President.

    Stop being so naive.

    Wake up.

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