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How do I bypass admin password in Windows 7?

My parents put a password on the admin account, which used to be mine, set up a standard account, and gave it to me. Now I am left with to me a worthless hunk of metal. I cannot open, install, or sometimes even download most files such as .exe and .msi's. I have tried crackers, but I cannot open them, due to me needing the admin password. Please help. I am running Windows 7 32 bit professional and I have no password reset disk btw.


Yeah a problem....I cannot open exe's for password crackers or reseters any ideas? i was thinking mim attack from a different computer in the LAN

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    install that to a cd using PowerISO, start up your computer with it, you can reset your password

    you could try Cain & Abel to retrieve the password but I dont know as much about it.

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    I agree with Dr. Dave's "Ask your parents" idea. Don't try to use crackers or other hacktivation softwares. Your parents are only trying to protect you. Although, a better way to do this would be to talk to the child about what not to do on the Internet and then expect/trust them to follow their guidelines. Not being able to install programs sucks! There's a ton of LiveCD's that remove Win7 passwords, but I won't name them. Just talk to your parents and tell them what software you would like to install.

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    Reset Any Windows Password :

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    you have to talk to your parents. and if you go into safe mode you still have to have the admin password.dont believe me? try it.

    as for the answer about hirens boot cd, what do you think your parents will do when you erase their password? Probably just take away the computer, i know i would.

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    That you have to take up with your parents. You might consider the fact that your parents foot all the bills, feed and clothe you, put a roof over your head, and pay for internet and TV for you to watch. If you don't care for their rules, get a job and get out on your own.

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    maybe this will help u xp there is a way to start the computer in safe mode and this would allow u full access

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