How does Steam link with PSN in Portal 2?

As many of you know, PSN is down. I want to install my copy of portal on my pc so that I can play Portal 2. Do i have to create a seperate Steam account, or am i supposed to log in with PSN or something? I guess what I'm asking is does it link your Steam account and you PSN account, or is it just your psn account running the Steam network?

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    9 years ago
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    Start Portal 2 on Playstation 3 and press SELECT on your controller to bring up the Steam Overlay. It will prompt you to log into PSN if you aren’t already.

    Next, it will ask you log into your existing Steam Account, or create a new one if you don’t have one already.

    If you choose to create a new Steam Account:

    Name of the account will appear to others same as your PSN ID.

    You will need to use the same email address used with your PSN ID.

    Once you do that, this new Steam Account will be automatically linked to your PSN ID.

    Next time, when you log into your Steam Account from PC, you will be asked whether to keep these credentials or Not.

    If you already have an existing Steam Account:

    Log into your Steam account.

    It seems existing steam account holders will have several benefits to use their old account instead of creating a new one.

    Stats and achievments earned displayed on Steam Profile.

    Achievements earned on Portal 2 PS3 will be unlocked on your Steam profile.

    Access to PSN and Steam Friends to play co-op games.

    Existing friends list will be available to you chat with on Playstation 3 using Steam Overlay.

    How To: Access PS3 Portal 2 From PC

    Every Portal 2 copy will come with one-time-use-only code that will enable you to access Playstation 3 Portal 2 on PC.

    Note. Each code is unique and non-transferrable, and can only be registered to a single Steam account.

    Follow these instructions to redeem this code:

    After you have linked your Steam account and your PSN ID, log in to Steam on Windows or Mac. If you do not yet have Steam, download the software here.

    On your PC, launch the Steam application and log in to your account. If you created a new Steam account using the Steam Overlay on PlayStation3, select “First time signing into Steam”, which will guide you through the first-time Steam login via your PlayStation Network account (you will then be asked if you wish to keep your given account credentials).

    Once you have logged in to the account, go to the “Games” menu along the top, choose “Activate a Product on Steam”, and enter the key provided on the card included in the game’s packaging.

    After this key has been activated, the game can be downloaded and played by selecting “Library”, and then double-clicking on “Portal 2”.

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  • 4 years ago

    No it fairly is not top. Steam tries to port your PSN login without or with Portal 2. they say it won't paintings without portal 2 yet while i attempted without portal 2 it errored out. So i bought Portal 2. nonetheless errors-ed out. and that i could no longer sign into STEAM through fact I used the same e mail for PSN, then suggested my e mail isn't recognized. I contacted Steam help and after 3 weeks have been given a BS e mail approximately a thank you to log in with no longer even addressing the difficulty. Steam and PSN have a mattress sharing settlement yet do no longer communicate top to a minimum of one yet another. Use separate e mail money owed for the two and avert the headache they have created. I wasted many hours attempting to get this to paintings.

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