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What are some good Bible lessons i can discuss on Mother's Day Sunday?

Hey, my friends and I were chosen by our youth leaders to teach a bible lesson to the 'young kid' class aka 'fire flies' at my Orthodox Russian Church.

I was wondering what would be some good lessons from the bible we could discuss with them and teach them? Maybe some about the importance of family or mothers since it's mother's day?

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    You could start by explaining the origin of the holiday.

    What is the origin of the practice of setting aside a day to honor mothers?

    The Encyclopædia Britannica says: “A festival derived from the custom of mother worship in ancient Greece. Formal mother worship, with ceremonies to Cybele, or Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods, were performed on the Ides of March throughout Asia Minor.”—(1959), Vol. 15, p. 849.

    Then you could help them to understand the mother's role in the family. In the family circle mother should be the foremost supporter and respecter of the father’s position, whether he is Christian or not. As perfect Eve was provided to be a suitable helper for Adam, so a wife’s proper role in the household is to promote, not impede, her husband’s discharge of his responsibilities. The mother who gives evidence of genuine respect for her husband is, in fact, aiding her children to appreciate the importance of complying with God’s arrangements in everything.—Eph. 5:33.

    “It is the tasks connected with the home that are the fundamental tasks of humanity. . . . If the mother does not do her duty, there will either be no next generation, or a next generation that is worse than none at all.”—Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States.

    CLEARLY, a mother is essential to human life, but her role involves far more than just bearing children. Regarding the role of mothers in most parts of the world today, one writer observed: “She is the primary protector for each child’s health, education, intellect, personality, character, and emotional stability.”

    One of a mother’s many functions is that of educator of her children. A child’s first words and its pattern of speech are usually learned from its mother. Thus, a person’s first language is often referred to as his mother tongue. The mother generally spends more time with the children each day than her mate, so she may be their chief teacher as well as principal disciplinarian. Thus, the Mexican proverb “Education is breast-fed” honors the important role of mothers.

    “When it comes to stimulating a child’s intelligence and curiosity, as well as developing his/her creativity, a mother’s role is vital.”—Regional Summit on Children’s Rights, Burkina Faso, 1997.

    n the Christian congregation, wives and mothers are also honored and appreciated. Ephesians 5:25 says: “Husbands, continue loving your wives.” To the young man Timothy, whose mother and grandmother raised him to respect “the holy writings,” this inspired counsel was given: “Entreat . . . older women as mothers.” (2 Timothy 3:15; 1 Timothy 5:1, 2) Thus, a man should have respect for an older woman as if she were his mother. Truly, God values women and accords them a dignified place.

    Indeed, mothers who assume their responsibility as educators can feel proud of their role. It is a worthwhile career. They rightfully deserve commendation and heartfelt expressions of appreciation. We learn so much from mothers—habits that stand us in good stead throughout life, good manners so essential for good relationships, and in many cases a moral and spiritual upbringing that keeps youths on course.

    Do you expressed your appreciation to your mother for what she has done for you every day, not just one day a year?

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    Bring in the most powerful mother of all times, Mother Mary.

    Discuss why she is called Theotokos, Panagia and why she is blessed and full of grace.

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    Maybe the story of Naomi and Ruth in the Book of Ruth 1:

    Source(s): Sola Scriptura.
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    Du är inte det enda svensk här

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