Margret Thatcher - your opinion?

There are so many anti Margret thatchers and I disagree with their views and opinions completely. Yes I admitted she made big mistakes but she turned the country round when it was at it's downfall. The government were not so weak when she was in control handing out easy money to bums. I want your opinions on this and on her

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  • 10 years ago
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    Margaret Thatcher was the greatest Prime Minister that Britain has had, at least since Churchill. She is a modern day Joan of Arc.

    Margaret Thatcher took Britain from being Europe's fourth poorest country to being the world's fourth richest country. She did that by taking on and winning battle after battle with the all-powerful trade unions who could bring the economic life of Britain to a standstill at their whim; the Miners strike of 1984 was the best-known example. She cut taxes dramatically. When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979, the top tax rate was 98%. When she left office in 1990, the top tax rate had been cut to 40%. She privatized state-owned industries by selling shares of them to ordinary Britons. Millions of Britons became shareholders for the first time in their lives.

    As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher restored Britain's standing on the world stage. In 1982 when Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, Margaret Thatcher sent down the Royal Navy and retook the islands. That send a message to dictators around the world loud and clear 'Don't mess with Britain'. She also played a pivotal role in winning the Cold War by making Britain militarily strong and making sure that her friend, US President Ronald Reagan stayed the course in dealing with the Soviet Union. During her time as Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was the real leader of the free world. Ronald Reagan just went along with what she said much of the time. It was also Margaret Thatcher who discovered Mikhail Gorbachev and helped make him leader of the USSR.

    Margaret Thatcher's becoming Prime Minister led to Ronald Reagan's election as America's president. Reagan undertook a huge military buildup, unveiled SDI and took a hard line against the Soviet Union. The USSR could not keep up with America's arms buildup and once SDI was unveiled, the Kremlin knew that Russia could not win the Cold War. That realization and those circumstances made possible Gorbachev's rise to the very top of Russian politics and able to give the Russian people more political freedom as well as let Eastern Europe go free.

    When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, it was Margaret Thatcher who told President George H.W. Bush that he must halt and reverse Iraq's aggression. Kuwait is free today because of Margaret Thatcher.

    In short, I believe that Margaret Thatcher is a one-in-a-million leader.

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    10 years ago

    Yes she turned the country upside down more like. North sea oil money went to pay unemployment. She sold gas/electric/water&sewerage/Trains/buses etc that are almost all in foriegn hands.Kids were taught in leaking classrooms. We had riots in the streets. And finally she was kicked out by HER OWN PARTY. Yes she was a dream. There was strikes before she came to power showing that Labour was resisting the unions....not bowing to them.

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    1] She squandered the North Sea oil to prove a political point.

    2] Destroyed most of Britain's manufacturing base.

    3] Started the City deregulation that led to the state we are in with the Finance System.

    4] Sold off most of the social housing, and stopped the building of social houses. now Rents are high.

    5] Threatened to raid company pension surpluses, leading to companies having pension holidays, this plus Brown removing tax exemptions on Pension Investment Dividends. Went a long way to the fall of the Company Pension Scheme.

    6] Reduced basic Tax from 30p to 27p whilst raising Nat Ins contributions from 5% to 9%.

    7] Removed Business rates from local councils, alongside with most of their powers.

    Need i go on, Oh! her own assets are safely of-shore in Liechtenstein.

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    10 years ago

    I agree.

    The antis are often too young to remember how bad things were before she became prime minister. The country was in as bad a state then as it is now. It was Maggie who turned things round.

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    10 years ago

    She was a very poor mother. (Look at how her kids behaved and what happened to them).

    She tried to use those "parenting skills" on the unsuspecting nation of Britain, and had much the same impact...

    In case you had forgotten, she was forced in the end to RESIGN and left Downing Street in tears!

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    4 years ago

    in spite of the reality that i appreciate her for being the 1st woman PM, and easily having balls together with her politics, i'm no longer able to declare she had any form of long-term plan. (having mentioned that, neither might you in case you have been in politics) as for what she did in maximum appropriate exchange from a producing industry to a provider industry uk, that replaced right into a extensive mistake. as a consequence, there are extra section-time workers with little rights, no stable experienced industries to matter on in financial hardships and no job protection on a par with what it as quickly as replaced into. considered one of these melancholy is unavoidable while those circumstances are met, the entire financial corporation crumple replaced into merely a catalyst. and, sending a nuclear weapon able warship to the falklands.... replaced into that truly needed?

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