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It's my first time painting. This is my first painting ever! How does it look?

I would like to get comments from the Professionals. And also those who loves painting. I am 25, female and I just want to know if I am capable of doing this if I pursue a career on painting. Nobody taught me how to paint. I love painting ever since I was a child, like around 7 and I think I got it from my dad. Please leave comments and suggestions will really be very much appreciated.

Thanks! :)


Ok. I will add a different link so you guys can see it. Thanks for the first comment. It's ok. I'm really open about suggestions. Painting is a hobby for me. I just want to know what people think about my work. :)

Update 2:

Yea, I think I need better brushes too. Thanks!

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    This is GOOD for your FIRST TIME painting! You can do ANY CAREER you want as long as you have the drive, the passion, the commitment, the patience, and the will power! Please note that the art world is a very hard market to get into. It can be done but it may take MANY YEARS to become a well established artist, so have a second career as a backup.

    Every subject has been painted over and over. The only way to stand out as unique and the best is to learn GOOD design, composition, and color theory! Arrange your elements in a pleasing composition with a beautiful color scheme. Buy every book you can on color: color theory, mixing colors, history and science of color, color schemes, painting light-filled / luminous / glowing color, etc. Find out what colors are being used the most in decorating homes and business establishments and use those colors in your paintings to attract more buyers. Buy books at Amazon website.

    For beginners, buy these books:

    Pictorial Composition by Henry Rankin Poore

    Design! A Lively Guide To Design Basics For Artists & Craftspeople by Steve Aimone

    Color And Light: A Guide For The Realist Painter by James Gurney

    How To Create Light In Your Paintings: The Artist's Guide To Using Tone Effectively by Tony Paul

    Color For Painters: A Guide To Traditions And Practice by Al Gury

    Color Choices: Making Color Sense Out Of Color Theory by Stephen Quiller

    Exploring Color: How To Use And Control Color In Your Painting by Nita Leland

    Confident Color: An Artist's Guide To Harmony, Contrast And Unity by Nita Leland

    Color Mixing Bible by Ian Sidaway

    Color by Betty Edwards (A Course In Mastering The Art Of Mixing Colors)

    Blue And Yellow Don't Make Green by Michael Wilcox

    For advanced studies, buy these books:

    Art Fundamentals: Theory And Practice by Otto Ocvirk

    Design Principles And Problems by Paul Zelanski

    Color by Paul Zelanski

    Color Workbook by Becky Koenig

    Color A Workshop Approach by David Hornung

    Creative Color by Faber Birren

    You also have to learn perspective and light & shade.

    For beginners, buy these books:

    Perspective by William F. Powell

    Light, Shade & Shadow by E.L. Koller

    Buy the book, 2011 Artist's And Graphic Designer's Market by Mary Burzlaff Bostic at Amazon website or check out this book's official website called ArtistsMarketOnline. This book has been in print since 1975 and is considered a complete resource for artists. This book is updated every year to include the current contact and submission information for tons of places, such as greeting card companies, publishers, art fairs, art galleries, and more. It will tell you how and where to sell your artwork.

    Buy the book, Legal Guide For The Visual Artist by Tad Crawford at Amazon website (fifth edition, published 2010). This book gives in-depth information on legal issues facing artists such as copyright, artist-gallery relationships, legal forms, contracts, leases, licensing, sales, taxes, how to find professional advisers/attorneys, how to negotiate, and much more!

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    its ok..i probably wouldn't need to want to see it again.

    its just kinda..ordinary. which is not a bad thing in itself, i like very simple art at times.

    i guess one needs to get busy and do a whole bunch of artwork. get the beginners attempts out of your system, view artwork from contemp sources and see what folks are up too.

    find something compelling for us monkeys to bother looking at.

    there are thousands of artists out there, and some very capable techniques do the most boring imagery.

    and some scratchy 'poor' drawing has a vitality to admire.

    its all going on at the same time.

    what is your thing?..

    you have to figure that out. by doing your work.

    are you capable of pursuing a career in painting? have the desire to paint i guess..that's a start.

    how it comes into being and moves out into the world to command prices.

    is the great unknown.

    see what you can do. test your self.

    'I just want to know what people think about my work.'

    that one is ok. but not compelling for me.

    Source(s): 20 years of drawing and painting. non professional. see my stuff if you wish.
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    The link didnt work for me for some reason, but to the first answer... How can you judge somebody's future career on their first real attempt? Experience comes front LOTS of trial and error.

    I bet when jimmy hendrix played in front of his parents the first time he sucked ***.

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    it's nice, but this is the same as my mom, she was good but didn't get to persue her career because she wasn't as good as the other painters out there. You are good, but not enought to persue a career, it can be a hobby to sell some of your paintings. You are better than most

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    the silhouette doesn't show your skills

    the silhouettes appear very clumsy and the colors also clumsy

    you need lessons and practice

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    You obviously need more practice!

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