Is the AP statistics test hard?

I took AP stats online this year and my teacher was practically nowhere to be found the whole year, so honestly, I know almost nothing about the course. However, I'm really good at math and can usually figure out a problem even if its not the "correct" way of doing it.

Would I be able to pass this test if im great at math but have no idea how to use any statistics principles?

Also, approximately what percent do you need to answer correctly to get a 3?


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    The best way to determine this is to simply go to the AP's website, and look at their old tests, and practice on them. IIRC, they typically have a smattering of MCQ's, and a whole BUNCH of the free response questions for you to do. Try taking them in test conditions, and compare your answers with the guidelines.

    I didn't take AP Stats (the test didn't exist when I was in HS!), but I did take the same type of stats course in high school at a college during the summer. I can tell you this: Statistics is NOT all about manipulations and algorithms and formulas. There's alot more "subjective" stuff....and I put subjective in quotation marks because it's not quite subjective. Stuff like "Discuss why calling people at 1 PM by dialing numbers in the 349 area code would NOT provide a good sample for a national US Presidential survey."

    There's alot more thinking in stats, and it's alot more like a "science" class than a typical math class. In calculus and other courses, often you can figure out a manipulatoin or two to ram your way through a problem. In stats, you have to understand definitions alot more carefully, and there's alot more "judgement" involved.

    Again, check the test out on the AP's website. If it looks Greek, you may not be prepared. If it's doable, go for it. And I'm sure you may know this, but there's no set % of problems needed to get a 3. Just do your best, and make sure to leave time to get through ALL the problems - if you get hung up on a problem, move on. (Also, check to see what the penalty for guessing is....if it's a 5 option MCQ and you get +1 for a right answer and -1/4 for a wrong answer, what's your EV for guessing on a question? What's your EV if you can eliminate one answer? Great statistics questions in themselves!)

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