Why do so many people respect the dead, almost 'en masse' and yet don't see the benefit of respecting the?

living 'en masse'?

Why do some think the dead deserve more respect than the living? Why do many feel 'the dead' should automatically be respected because they are dead?


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    10 years ago
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    Because in most cases, a dead human being is finally a decent human being.

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    5 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    part of it might be a sort of misplaced respect for the weak and severely disabled, like the whole "don't kick a man when he's down" adage.

    Some of it might be Instinctual, something hard wired in us to keep us away from dead things, especially of our own species, to avoid diseases that might be in or on the body.

    THen there is the spiritual element, the ancient greeks and egyptians believed that damaging the body might cause harm to the soul in the afterlife.

    respect for the dead has a different meaning and connotation than respect for the living. Living people should be respected in a basic way as human being, beyond that, any higher degree of respect is something you earn (or at least that is how it should be).

    But as a general rule, thous who do not respect the living also do not respect the dead, and vice versa,.

    here is a thought, the dead deserve our respect because they went through the hardships of life and experienced death, something we have not done... yet. (unless of course reincarnation is real)

    but, when you look at all the grave robing that has gone on throughout history, from the Pharaohs to today, I'm not sure if people really respect the dead "en masse"

  • 10 years ago

    Well, the first part is, training in our society. We can't actually DO anything but put _off_ death, so we ritually acknowledge that we, too, will someday join the dead ("Rest in peace," "Respect to my dead homies" etc.).

    The second part of your question? Well, it's cheaper. You can respect the dead with just WORDS. LIVE people need peace, jobs, workplace democracy and due process, housing, food, medical, _respect_.

    Under capitalism, respecting the living is EXPENSIVE. Then we're talking about cutting into PROFITS.


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  • Hello {{{{Nikon}}}}!

    I haven't been able to figure that out either. Maybe it has something to do with respecting the feelings of the family and loved ones.

    What I will never get is why we are expected to respect dead people that didn't deserve it in life!

    My brother tried to lay that guilt trip on me a few years ago, we were talking about our father, my brother seems to think that now that he's dead, Dad deserves respect, when he spent all our lives beating our mother and abusing us.

    I don't think so, not on my watch.

  • 10 years ago

    Because respecting the dead is totally harmless,

    moreover dead can no more create ego problems or social disorder.

  • More than anything else, people feel sorry for others who have died. Dying is seen as so unfortunate that it takes precedence over everything else.

    Well, so much for that. But seriously. I can remember my dad being a prick more or less continuously when I was growing up, but the last thing I remember about him is how he lay deflated in a hospital bed, dying of cancer.

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    10 years ago

    The Nolte's answer is spot on...and there are several people from my past who I would like to see become just such decent people, particularly my ex sister-in-law.

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    10 years ago

    Primitive beliefs ((((((nikon)))))) - savagery.


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