changing the tps sensor...?

i have a 96 mustang v6 3.8.. i have taken it to many places and no one seems to find the problem with it.. the cars overdrive liqht flashes and the car stalls and doesnt run.... my uncle "supposably" fixed it bt two days later it did it aqain.. and even worst my car wont run... i turn it on overdrive flashes i shift into qear and the car chokes and turns off... i was told to change the tps sensor....

wht do u quys thnk... wld it solve my problem or am i lookin at somethinq more serious?

this car is my baby im very attached to it.. please help me


@qary: thnx:D... i didnt understand most of wht u were sayin bt i qot the major thinqs and i thnk im qettin my computer check first... and movinq on from there.. yes electrical cars are very dificult:/

Update 2:

@john: thnx:D... yes i love my bby:)!!

Update 3:

@james: thnx bt no thnx:)! i love my 3.8:) i want a sweetride not a monster ha

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  • Gary
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    10 years ago
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    First if check engine light on need to get computer trouble codes checked for any sensor problems. You could have an auto. trans problem, which also has computer. Other possibilities fuel filter needs replacing or intake plenum needs cleaning or possible vacuum leak. Also could have bad idle air control valve IAC. Suggest a Tech check it out for you so Unc. doesn't have you replacing parts you don't need, your wallet will get thin fast.Not trying to be a bummer but cars are now a lot more complicated with everything electronically controlled.

    Source(s): ASE master auto tech ret.
  • james
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    10 years ago

    a 3.8 too small u need a 5.0 haha.

  • 10 years ago

    badass car ;)

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