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    歌名:Stuck With Each Other

    演唱:Shontelle ft. Akon

    Shontelle 原名 Shontelle Layne、Akon 原名 Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam,二人都是美國歌手。


    專輯:Stuck With Each Other



    曲目: 4首不同版本

    "Stuck with Each Other" (Main)"Stuck with Each Other" (Riff & Rays Remix - Club Edit)"Stuck with Each Other" (Dubwise Tribal Life Mix)"Stuck with Each Other" (Self Taught Beats Mix)


    You can think you can get free

    You think you won’t need me

    That you’re gonna get you somethin’ better

    But you know that we’re in this forever

    And you can think you can walk out

    Even with your doubts

    But you know that we’re in this togetherYou can try to push me from you

    Nothing you do will keep us a partCause it’s too late, there’s no escape

    Might as well face it, baby we’re stuck with each other

    Stuck with each other

    Ain’t nothin you can do about it

    It’s been too long, it’s been too strong

    Cause we belong here

    Baby, we’re stuck with each other

    Stuck with each other

    Stuck in love with each other

    (stuck in love with each other)Yeah

    Now I can say that I would not care

    If you were not there

    Tell myself that I’ll be fine without ya

    but I would die if I was not around ya

    and I can try to convince you

    I don’t need to be with you

    But my only thoughts are thoughts about ya

    What can I do, love is like glue

    There’s no way to

    Tear us a part




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