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Do you think Juliet Capulet (Olivia Hussey) in the movie has a classic face?

Do you think she has a classic, elegant face? Also,she's tan? Isn't Juliet supposed to pale?

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    I wouldn't really call her (Olivia Hussey) beauty "Classic" at the time she played Juliet. She had a gamine quality that sparkled. But as she aged her face gained an elegance and became more classic. I looked over the trailers for the movie, and she wasn't tan. Remember this was in Verona, Italy, so some color was expected, but next to Romeo, she was pale.

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    If you look at olivia hussey in all the right noises you will see that she is super pale. They were shooting romeo and juliet in Italy during the summer, do she got a little tan probably Also, she has a renaissance beauty that is timeless so yes it is classic. Any woman who can rock a middle part and such long hair with an ethereal look that whould suit any time can be called a classic beauty. But she is also exotic.

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