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do they make pedals for drum machines?


i want: a pedal with multiple switches for a drum machine so i don't have to use my hands to switch beats.

alternatively, a loop station that has a built in drum machine, or that i can plug a drum machine into.


Background: i'm a noob and i want to acquire a SIMPLE drum machine (nothing too advanced, or complicated, not an mpc) for the purpose of having something to make beats for me while i play acoustic guitar. i play for fun, i don't record, and i play everywhere- where ever there is a guitar.

some of the models i'm looking into are the akai xr20, the alesis sr16 and the korg nanopad. i like the looks of the roland tr's (the 606, 707, the 808, the 66) but i'm not sure if they'll make the sounds i'd want to have for acoustic guitar playing.

To The Point: anyway, what i want to know is if any company makes a pedal to connect to their drum machines so i can choose what beats i want playing and when. does that make sense? for example, if i want to, when starting a song, JUST play guitar (no drum beat), then step on the pedal when i want "beat 1" to start, then when i go into the chorus step on the pedal to start "beat 2", then for the bridge "beat 3" etc. because my hands will obviously be tied.

Alternatives: would a loop station be my best bet if they DON'T make these kinds of pedals? if so, should i look in to a looper that has a built in drum machine? or just a loop station that can connect to a drum machine?



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    Any good drum machine will allow you to switch patterns with any MIDI controller... even a keyboard.

    Read the product manual for your drum machine. If you don't already have one, then just do your research before you buy. Spend some time with the sales dude and learn something. Just be an informed consumer.

    Most companies make their product manuals available in PDF form now. Read up on the various models you're considering on the company websites. If anything is unclear about the features, read the manual.

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