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Labor & Delivery Nurses, Do Newborns Need a Bath Immediately After Birth?

you hear two sides to this, one that the first 24-48 hours is the hardest time for a nb to regulate their body temperature, so wait on the bath and plus the vernix is good for their skin, etc.

Then other side is they traveled through the vagina, covered in ****, vernix, possibly meconium etc. and need to be bathed.

WHICH IS ACCURATE?? Is the bath just so the nurses can handle them without gloves?

Do they really need a bath immediately or can it wait?

How often do parents decline a bath & does it frustrate the nurses? THANKS!!! 10 points


*don't know why it asterisked out the word g-o-o-k but just wanted to clarify thats what it was :)

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    When I worked L&D, the babies were bathed after about four hours, after having their temperature taken every hour.This was the normal procedure. Most parents don't mind the baby having a bath because of the body secretions. I remember there were few couples that preferred not to have their babies bathed but it was rare. I believe at that hospital, the bottom line was it was the couple's choice and did not frustrate nurses, but again, most couples preferred to have their babies bathed, or participate in the first bath. The first bath can also be used to educate parents on how to bath a baby.Temperatures are monitored after the bath as well, and baby is wrapped very snuggly. Your baby still has that newborn baby smell even after a bath. The vernix is good for their skin in utero but serves no purpose after the baby is born. Plus all those body fluids get stuck in the baby's ears and creases, so it is nice to have all that cleaned up.

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    It depends on hospital policy as far as how soon it's done. In the cases of vaginal births babies aren't bathed until they're taken to the nursery awhile after birth. In csections babies are taken to the nursery right after the parents see them. Never heard of anyone declining a bath although they don't ask they just do it.

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    When I had my son they just wiped him down with towels at first and didn't bather him regularly until the next night. I'm sure you could decline it if you want or do it yourself. Most babies stay in the room with you so you will know everything that is being done.

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