Steampunk clothes websites!?

I'm trying to build a costume for this convention im going to and i'd really love to do something in steampunk but i'm having a hard time finding stuff. does anyone know any websites or even stores (in the miami south florida area) where i can buy things used for steampunk costumes? if you need any additional info just ask.

Thank You^_^

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  • 9 years ago
    Favorite Answer!/steampunkcouture <---she does custom work. Bit pricey but having purchased from her, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth the cost. <----- Little bit of everything here. <---- accessories for days!!/pages/Steampunked-Out/1... <--- quality leather goods and a few odds and ends

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    <----video about DIY Steampunk pants made by the singer from Abney Park <--- GREAT gears that can be found at both Micheal's and Hobby Lobby. I have seen people make jewelery out of them, sew them to clothes, etc. So if you find a vest or something that is Steampunky but not QUITE Steampunky enough, you could sew a few of those on there perhaps? <---- lots of basics, don't be afraid to look outside the Steampunk section. <---Cool Steampunky messenger bags. I don't own one but I have seen her work up close at a convention, and oh my goodness they are awesome. <---- Don't own anything from them but I have tried it on at conventions, it is all quality work <---- Hats! Worth every single penny. Bought the hat in my profile picture from them nearly three years ago, it has been through crowded hot convention halls and still looks as good as new.

    Also, don't be afraid to go scouting around in second hand shops. The last costume I built I found an awesome white blouse which I took home and tea stained, and a pair of boots that I wish I could have bought but they weren't my size :( Second hand shops are ALWAYS the FIRST place I go for costume stuff, and then I see what is left after that. Because if you can get an old timey looking shirt for two dollars rather than seventy from some website, why not?

    Threadbanger is a website that does craft tutorials of stuff that is a bit more edgy and out of the norm, I know they have a few Steampunk videos up if you wanted to get crafty, Yahoo just won't let me post any more links :(

    Source(s): I love Steampunk, I even have gears tattooed on my wrists. Love it!
  • 3 years ago

    Ummm theres plenty of garments. Im frequently into skater brands nevertheless u dont need to be a skater. When you have bought an energetic retailer near your save there. For shirts take a look at shopping RVCA and Lrg. Those are a few well brands. And for denims try getting narrow or thin jeans. Levis are well but when u acquired cash get 7. Examine the internet websites out underneath.

  • 5 years ago

    Steampunk festival is all set with these steampunk costumes for men and women. Whether aboard an ocean liner, exploring the safari or taming the wild west we have marvelous finds for men and women.

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