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Suing for medical negligence?

In January of this year I was diagnosed with cellulitis in my right hand after going to the ER. The doctors put me on Keflex for 15 days (it could've been 12 days, but I know it was at least 10 days). In the middle of my treatment on this medication I went back to the ER because I couldn't urinate and my left side kept spazzing. The doctor and I had a discussion about how I have no money and no health insurance. Afterwards I was told to give urine samples.

An hour or so passes and the doctor gave me a pelvic exam because he thought I had a yeast infection from the medication. He said I couldn't have a UTI because I was 19, healthy, and at that time not sexually active. I didn't understand how that would explain my kidney pain but I dismissed it.

He diagnosed me with a yeast infection and gave me a pill as well as a prescription. He gave me my papers and I was discharged. As I was putting my coat on he came back into the room to tell me that my urine results came back and that I had a UTI. So he was discharging me before examining my test results. He put me on the meds for the yeast infection and Bactrim DS for the UTI.

A week or so later I went back to the ER because my UTI still hadn't gone away and I kept experiencing severe vomiting on a daily basis. The doctor prescribed me Cipro. I didn't know until a few days later that the Cipro was blackboxed by the FDA and had horrible side effects (which I experienced after first taking it). By this point I was used to vomiting daily so I didn't think it was strange. Then my joints started to hurt and crack/pop. I didn't want to go back to the ER because, again, I have no money. I didn't want to be left with some giant bill. All of this ended up lasting about a month and a half. So I had this UTI for several painful weeks.

It's been a few months since then and my joints still continue to pop at the slightest movement. I can't sit in an indian posture for more than 15 minutes because my knees hurt like Hell. One symptom that started while taking the Cipro that still continues is that I get stomach cramps every day and have difficulties passing a stool. Or I'll be going about my daily business when out of no where I'll get massive diarrhea to the point where I actually "go" on myself. It bothers me while I'm on my college campus and when I'm at work. My sister (who works in the hospital) thinks it's my body still recovering from the medication.

Now, I get all these bills in the mail. That urine sample test was originally $300. So they were charging me $300 for a test that they weren't even going to give me the results for. All in all, they ended up giving me discounts for "paying out of pocket" and charged me about $1,200.

I don't have that kind of money. I don't have parents, I go to college full time, work a minimum wage job (just got this job almost two months ago), and I barely had money for textbooks last semester. I made exactly $1,100 last year. I don't know how I'm going to be able to pay off this bill.

My friend's mother works in the medical field and she said that the hospital was supposed to help me apply for Medicaid when I went there. I'm not sure if this is true or not. But I explained to her what my situation was and she said that I should look into getting a lawyer. I'm not sure if I want to go that far, but I know that I'm definitely not content with how the doctors handled with my situation.

That UTI was one of the most painful things I ever had and the antibiotics were absolute Hell. I had to miss so many classes this semester that I have to repeat one of them to keep my GPA stable. I vomited every day, had horrible crippling headaches, fevers, vertigo, tunnel vision, insomnia, and hallucinations while on the Cipro. That medication is used to treat anthrax, and when I was prescribed it the doctor claimed that I only had "a little bit of bacteria" in my system.

Is it a good idea to try and sue? Do I have viable grounds?


I know it's long--I was kicking myself the entire time I was typing it. I just want to cover all the details because it's a serious subject.

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    Kidney problems from diabetes? Avoid sugar.

    Get the a1c test.

    county hospitals and some local clinics help the uninsured with low cost medical. check with the finance dept at the county hospital.

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    Present your case to a good lawyer. Get all your medical reports, doctor bills, and new doctor statements about your conditions together.

    If your claim is strong enough (and I think it might be) a lawyer will snap up the case in an instant and not change you a penny because he will just claim his pay from the suit winnings.

    Just a tip: try to find other patients who have a similar case and due a joint suit. You will get a larger settlement.

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    Wow, way too long; that's why you got not much attention.

    Make your question short, and clear; then you'll get more answers.

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