Should i get Singularity or Painkiller for a pc game?

both look cool, and i want to get a new pc game soon. also wat laptops are good for gaming? Im thinking about selling my old one and get a gaming one. Dont tell me to get a 360 becuase i also will need a laptop for school and i like listening to music and surfing the web. Also is it a good idea to get one off of craigslist? or is ebay more reliable

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  • 10 years ago
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    I have Singularity and its not a bad game for the price now at days for $20 retail. I would not recommend modern gaming on a laptop. Portable laptops are not designed for High Definition gaming. I had 2 XPS laptops fail on me for a simple COD4 game. Desktop is the way to go if you are looking at HD resolutions and modern gaming.

    For non gaming, a laptop for just ripping music and surfing the web, you wont need a high end machine. I would recommend something with the dual core T processor of 2.1Ghz or higher, 4gb of RAM, and a decent HDD already added to it with Windows 7 pre-installed. That will last you a long time (5-7 years) or so depending on how much you use it. Try to stay away from Dell. Dell's customer support is not top notch helpful with about 30 min waiting periods regardless of time called.

    A good laptop would be Lenovo or Asus.

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