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Who thinks Kratos from the God of War series is one of the most epic game characters today?

I mean this dude is ******* badass! First he is the leader of the strongest army in Sparta, he kills Ares(who is the freakin' god of war himself), becomes the god of war, sinks Atlantis one of the best looking places in the world, forces the strongest of the titans to hold up the world, goes on a bloody rampage to make the gods pay for lying to him, KILLS THEM ALL, and was still alive to see the world perish. I mean how many guys do you think can say that and actually come back alive?

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    That's why he's in the PS3 version of the latest Mortal Kombat game.

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    2 things I have to say:

    1. wrong section, Kratos is a video game character, not a cartoon or anime or even movie character

    2. one of the most badass characters in America, but no where else

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    i have all 3 games well not all cause there are some more but he is a F**king badass. i love him and i love how he kills the other villians by tearing their arms and heads off. hahaa

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