where are some good places to photograph in skokie, IL?

i'm looking for some interesting places in illinois. perhaps something about the architecture, or something that is unique to skokie and would be an interesting subject for artistic photography? thank you!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Leaning Tower of Niles, 6300 W. Touhy Avenue, right next to Skokie.

    Since Skokie is right on the Chicago border and linked by bus and train, you got Chicago on your doorstep, baby.

    Tons of stuff in Chicago. Hop on the Skokie Yellow Line of the Rapid Transit for a short ride to the north side of Chicago. Transfer to the Red Line for the ride into downtown Chicago; or transfer to the Brown Line which is where downtown gets its name, the Loop, because the tracks loop around and run back north. Since it's all upper level on the Brown Line, you have great angles to shoot the buildings. The pigeons pose for you hoping you'll toss them bread, chips, or donuts.

    On your right as you pass the Addison train station heading south is Wrigley Field home of da bums, I mean the Chicago Cubs. Goat noises optional as you pass.

    There is the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) but it's a bit west and south of the main action. You see it from the Brown Line coming into down town. You can also get off the train and go up to its observation deck which has glass boxes with glass floors you can stand on over the city. I take a pass on that.

    The John Hancock building has great cross bracing and is by the lake front so its observation deck can see clear back to Skokie and down to Indiana and on a clear day, over to Michigan.

    If you're into architecture, Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper and we're still building them. Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile, has several breath-taking vistas you can shoot.

    Take a boat ride from the river about 400 N. Michigan onto Lake Michigan. Especially at night, the view is spectacular. I have a night shot of the cityscape as wall paper on my laptop. Take a horse-buggy ride around downtown or the open trolley and get pictures from the point of view of traffic.

    Navy Pier on the Lake has a giant ferris wheel. You'll never get me up there. There's other stuff at the Pier to do.

    There's Cloud Gate in Millennium Park that looks like a giant silver kidney bean. It is very pleasing to look at as are the rest of visuals there. There are tons of great museums all over Chicago and most of them let you photograph inside.

    Lincoln park heading north again has a great zoo. The squirrels in the zoo and park are rather demanding for food but they're so fat they don't chase you too far. When the fish in the lagoon see you stop at the edge, they come to the surface to be fed. The ducks in the lagoon ***-up to bottom feed and it's a funny picture when they all do it at once.

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    Skokie is pretty nice I have friends who live there and its a quiet little town but close enough to Chicago.

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