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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsAgriculture · 1 decade ago

Why aren't GMO foods labeled as GMO ?

I know that some people don't care if they eat GMO food, but I do! Why aren't GMO foods labeled as GMO? They list calories. They list fats. Heck, they even list if a product contains nuts...but no one tells you if you're eating a GMO altered food. Why????


The question was not "is there anything wrong with GMO". The question was "why aren't they labeled?" I personally think that they were not tested enough. I DO NOT WANT TO EAT THEM. So...again....why aren't they labeled? Even fat content is labeled. I'd rather eat fat than GMO. I think we should be given a choice. Currently, you are just in the dark about it. SOME people would like to avoid them.

Update 2:

BTW, rabbit....some GMO foods have been engineered to kill insects. Personally I don't want to eat "bio-Raid". If you do, that is your choice. My choice is my choice. No GMO for me. I am not so sure as you are. I think there are ramifications that we do not understand.

I will give best answer to anyone who at least attempts to answer this question without ridiculing my right to choose what food I put into my own body.

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    First off, the FDA does not require such labeling. While difficult, it may be practical to keep GMO and non-GMO fruits and vegetables separated throughout the marketing pipeline. However, it would be impossible to keep grains separated and thus anything made from grains. In fact, it's just about impossible to completely clean a combine out and there's always the chance that there will be one GMO seed left in it when harvesting non-GMO crops. Then take into account there could be one GMO seed left in the truck that hauls the grain to the elevator, one GMO seed left in the probe that collects a sample of grain from the truck, one GMO seed left in the pit where the grain is dumped, one GMO seed left in the leg that carries the grain to the elevator's grain bin, one GMO seed left in the barge that transports the grain to where ever the grain is being processed at, one GMO seed at the processing plant and on and on.

    It's very common for there to be 9,000,000 soybean seeds harvested from one acre. A single farm harvesting 1,000 acres could easily produce 9 trillion soybean seeds in one growing year. Trying to keep that many seeds segregated while passing through so many different machines and buyers would be impossible.

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    Because THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH EATING THEM. nuts can kill some people btw its a big deal.

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