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with the increased pobularity of the cloud computing concept will there be more dbm jobs in the US ?

or will they continue to just outsource them to less expensive employment pools?


you may be right about the chasing labor although that seems to be slowing and actually reversing as companies run into unforeseen problems and as developing countries wages rise, however your traveling theory is idiotic, if by some miracle you survived the acceleration the odds that another miracle would save your deceleration/stopping are astronomical. in conclusion, you're an idiot.

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    They will always be outsourced... anything that can be done at a cheaper price,online or offline without the requirement of the person physically being there will always be outsourced.

    Rather, the fact that more and more people are being educated about cloud computing they will all the more be outsourced with the help of cloud computing technologies.

    Once places like India and China gets floded with jobs their GDP grows, Indina and China companies will start outsourcing to other cheaper places including USA, Canada, UK and etc, if they still survive as a purchasing house of world economy.

    Welcome to the world economy my friend and 21st century.

    Things will change even further dramatically when even new things are invented, imagine a guy from China travelling to USA, INDIA, UK in 10 mins through a jet propelled scape car and comming back to home supposedly working at a cheaper price.

    Then works that need physical presence will also be outsourced or the world economy wil change completely compared to now.

    This is not that far, as predicted bby many scientists it will be possible to travel from one side of earth to opposite in 20 mins in the next 30-50 years.

    Think.. the more technology the more resources and the more profits and the more the world becomes shorter.

    Be prepared to compete thats the only way and try and learn and mould as you get along not fight it because you simply cant fight the whole world.



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