AS OCR Psychology 10 POINTS!!!! I have an exam next week help please??Help will be appreciated!!!?

*In Loftus and Palmer, Outline two ways in which behaviour was measured?

I am not sure how to answer this question could someone please tell me how to answer it and how I would get the 6 marks


*Outline two of the ways in which quantitative data was recorded in the loftus and palmer study[6]

Also what was the sample..i know there were 45 participants but i dont thin this is enough to achieve 6 marks.

Thank you.

Your help is highly appreciated:D xx

I have an exam next week.

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    [DOC] The Cognitive approach File Format: Microsoft Word - Quick View

    2) The study of internal mental processes is important in understanding behaviour ... Loftus and Palmer and Baron-Cohen. Both collected quantitative data ...

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