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Hi during the Nazi Germany Regime,which country did all the Jewish Community stayed at & with new life?

Hi since U.S.,Cuba, & Canada rejected the Jewish Community to enter the country without papers & Visas since they where escaping from the Nazi Germany Regime. Where in God name they go who where on bigger boats? Thanks.


P.S. I heavily criticize President FDR & Congress for not excepting the Jewish people. They could have stayed TEMPORARY unit the war is over but NO because some 200 yrs old Constitution says no. I would choose of what's RIGHT thing to do then the law. I also blame General D.Eisenhower aka IKE for not joining the fight with the Red Army of capturing Berlin. Now the German women got rape of the ages of 6-80 yrs old!

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    ~Nobody wanted them. That was pretty much determined at the Evian Conference. However, most of the Jews killed were not German Jews. Most of Europe's Jewish population had long since been relegated to the Jewish Pale by Catherine of Russia and the Pale encompassed a large section of Poland. Actually, during the early years of Hitler's reign, the Jews of Germany for the most part condoned, or at least did not condemn, Hitler's treatment of and plans for the Jews of Eastern Europe. Whether that was a defense mechanism or a sincere belief (evidence points to the latter), matters not. Why condemn the world at large when their own did nothing either?

    That being said, bear in mind that the Jews represented a minority of the people slaughtered during the NSDAP "ethnic cleansing" and "racial purification" pogroms. Some 6 million people were murdered during the short run (from December 1941 until Spring 1943) of the Extermination Camps. Only about 2.4 million of them were Jews. As many as 12 to 18 million died in the Concentration Camps (a far different animal and none of them were established as murder factories or killing centers), with maybe 3.6 million of them being Jewish. Of the 6 million Jews who were sent to one kind of camp or another, a significant percentage would have met the same fate for other reason, even had they not been Jewish.

    George Washington and Ben Franklin argued vigorously at the Philadelphia (Constitutional) Convention that Jews be expelled from the US and not be allowed entry or citizenship. If allowed in, they argued that the Jews be denied property rights, denied due process and denied equal protection of law. They narrowly lost having their way. The American "melting pot" did not welcome Jewish blood in the soup. Of course in Europe, we had the Vatican wanting to expunge the "Christ Killers" for centuries, and the Crusades and Inquisition were just two ways to meet that goal. The frequent slaughter of Jews in places like France, Denmark and Switzerland were the norm, not the exception. At different times, factions in Great Britain and France developed plans to create a Jewish Colony, either in the Mandate of Palestine or on Madagascar. As late as 1940, Hitler still envisioned implementing the Madagascar Plan, creating a Jewish colony there and telling Himmler that killing them was a Bolshevik solution and not the German way of doing things (obviously Hitler must have missed Martin Luther's 1543 pamphlet wherein he decried - to almost universal acclaim across Europe and from the palaces of the Vatican - "We are at fault for not killing them [Jews]).

    Had the Red Army not repelled Barbarossa and crushed the Third Reich virtually on its own with very little meaningful contribution from the Western Allies, the Nazi's would have followed through with their plans to exterminate another 30 million ethnic Poles, 30 million more Slavs and at least that many Russians and Soviet Communists. As a factor of population percentages, the purges against the Sinti, Roma and Serbs was far more complete against that of the Jews. The US has always had very restricted and restrictive immigration policies. There was no room to take them in and no money to provide for them. Most of the rest of the world shared the same population and financial concerns, and most of Europe was in much worse shape. Japan, of all places, did go out of its way to protect Jews from her German ally and Japan did accept refugees in small numbers.

    Don't single out the Nazis. As the First Nations people how they fared under the likes of Martin Van Buren (who established the world's first concentration camps in Alabama and Tennessee for the Native Americans) or Andy Jackson, Kit Carson or Nelson "Bearcoat" Miles, who slaughtered them wholesale. Or ask the Boers how they fared in the camps the British set up in South Africa - coining the term "Concentration Camp" to designate them. Then we have the purges of our good friends and allies Joe Stalin, Suharto, Mobuto Seko, Diem, the Shah or Saddam Hussein. On the other side of the wall are Pol Pot and Mao. Why aren't you asking about all those victims too?

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    Some of them lived in Kobe, Japan before being transfered to Shanghai, China with the help of Chiune Sugihara, Japanese diplomat. Against pressure from his own government and the Nazis, he wrote Visas for the Jews so that they could move out of their country and prevent them from getting slaughtered in the Holocaust. It is a very interesting read.

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    Some illegally emigrated to the British Mandate region of Palestine (later Israel). But the majority went nowhere. There was no place for them to go. That's why six million Jews perished in the Holocaust

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