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    They think that although in theory, the network for the exchange of men and women equal opportunities, but in actual communication situations, inherent gender differences in conversation style, will still be reflected. Language of communication is often men with aggressive, powerful, and more confident than women; women with the support of the communication language and suggestive, more moderate than men

    The amount of discourse, a brief reply language, Turn, insertion and interrupted, and the use of figurative language in order to make the reader more clearly see the men and women in the network communication aspects of the different styles of discourse.

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    They think that although in theory, the network provides equal opportunities for men and women, but in a real communication situations, gender has inherent session style differences will still be expressed. Male language of communication often with offensive, stronger and more confident than women; women's communication with support and suggestions of language, moderate more than men

    Discourse, a short reply, and turn, inserted and interrupt and the use of figurative language, with a view to the reader more obvious to see men and women in the areas of speech style in network communication is different.

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