israel and palestine conflict.?

i need 5 important facts about the israel and palestine conflict for my tree map please. thanks!

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    The state of Israel was a result of a unique time and in some respects a reparation for the 6 million Jews who died at the hand of Germany in WWII. The Zionist movement was part and parcel European Jewry advocating and planning for a return to the Holy Land that started in the late 19th century. It was always a European Jewish movement. It had no real traction in the Middle East itself. It was no doubt a response to the intermittent persecution of Jews through out Christian European history since the time of Caesar.

    Fact 1: Zionism was a European Jewish movement.

    Fact 2: Land was seized by force of arms to form the state of Israel.

    Fact 3: Many thousands, probably more than a million Palestinians living there were ultimately forcibly moved or moved under threat out of what is now Israel.

    Fact 4: Land ownership in Israel is essentially forbidden to all except Jewish citizens.

    Fact 5: Israel is considered an outlaw nation for viloating the Human Rights of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by the United Nations. The U.S. is the only western democracy supporting Israel in its treatment of Palestinians by consistently vetoing sanctions by the U.N. Security Council. This has caused the U.S. to be hated by millions of Muslims.

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    1: both sides are crazy

    2. The U.S. supports israel because the religious right wing nut jobs in the United states are convinced that Israel must remain a country so that Jesus can come back to earth and kill all the jews ( i am not making this up)

    3. most people in Israel hate the U.S. as much as all the other countries over there.

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    -The palestinians didn't agree on the partition plan by the u.n in 1947 ( a year from the independence of israel) which offered 45% of the land and jerusalem as international place that the u.n will hold.

    -In 1948 Israel got independence and 1 day after got attacked by most of the arab armies around. they all lost.

    -in 1967 israel got attacked once again by surprise and won jordan syria egypt and more.

    -after the 1967 war (six day war) Israel took over some lands like the west bank and east jerusalem from jordan and the golan heights from syria which are strategic territories in israel.

    This are the main things in the conflict but its been like that for years.

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    In a nutshell, Palestinians are angry because Israel kick them out of their land even though they been living their for hundreds of years. Jewish say they have to stay because they got no where else to go and their ancestors lived there thousands and thousands of years ago.

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