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airplane questions please answer?

1. i like to fly but sometimes i get nervous when i fly why?

2. were can i find the actual airplane safety instruction video.

3. why are airplane windows small.

4. why do not all airplane have a G.P.S. for the customers to see were they are flying.

5. why are airplane bathrooms so small/ were does it go when u flush( not stupid answer)

6. how is security since 9/11

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    1. Many believe the cause of fear of flying is the feeling of vulnerability that comes with the lack of control experienced in airplanes, although they are extremely safe to fly in. There is really no statistical reason to be afraid, it is very understandable to be nervous. An experienced flyer myself, I always have negative thoughts when boarding a plane and soaring off. 2. Sadly, I was unable to find one, but they are on YouTube sometimes, try searching there. 3. Airplane windows are small because the cabins are pressurized in order to make the air breathable without supplemental oxygen, which causes an outward pressure on windows of up to 8 pounds per square inch. When designers make the surface area smaller, they diminish or reduce the chance of rupture in the glass. 4. Not every airline contains those luxurious games and GPS's on the headrests because fir some airlines they simply are too costly. In other cases the planes are older models and may not he outfitted to have the touch screen beauties. 5. The bathrooms are so small because there is a lack of room in the cabins to have fully outfitted bathrooms. If they took up more room then there would be less seats, resulting in less money made by the airlines. The waste is stored in tanks after being flushed in vacuum toilet. Although I wasn't able to pinpoint the common storage, I did find that the urban legend that they "shoot it out a tube" is incorrect, and pretty ridiculous. However, there have been reports if accidental run off and jams that resulted in the release of "blueish brown liquid" that is rarely dropped on people's heads. 6. Security since 9/11 is strict. You must take off your shoes, hats, belts, bags, take out cell phones and all other objects to be scanned through a safe ion-free scanner. You also must pass through one outfitted for humans, and they are both safe. If you are suspicious, the TSA agents may hold you in custody and do a full body scan and background check. Also, you must have a boarding pass to even enter security and go to a gate. This may seem overwhelming and harsh, but it's reality and it has prevented countless attacks before in order to keep us safe. You have nothing to worry about unless you are attempting to outwit the TSA. No liquids are allowed beyond security, and all products that contain liquid must be travel size. Obviously, no guns, fireworks, ammunition, knives, toenail clippers, or explosives are allowed on a plane. Hope this answered all questions fully. Good luck on your next flight.

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