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Guild Wars confusion.?

Ok so. Is Guild Wars 2 out yet? If not then which guild wars should i buy to play?

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    Guild Wars 2 is not out yet, and an official release date has not been announced yet. Within the GW2 fan community, most people expect it to be released early 2012.

    Note beforehand: please do be aware that, although GW2 is a continuation of the story of GW1, they are completely different games, with a completely different style of gameplay, and you do not *need* to play GW1 to be able to play or understand GW2. I would recommend doing a free 1-month trial of GW1 before actually buying the game (see link below).

    That said, if you want to play the original Guild Wars game, then you should know:

    * Prophecies - the first main campaign (the original "Guild Wars"; set in the world of Tyria, which is the scene of GW2 as well)

    * Factions - second campaign, different continent & different story

    * Nightfall - third campaign, different continent & different story

    * Eye of the North - expansion, requires at least one of the 3 major campaigns. EOTN is kind of a "bridge" to GW2, and introduces some background story and the new playable races. Plus, EOTN offers a "Hall of Monuments", where you can register achievements throughout all four games to unlock item rewards for GW2.

    All of these games can be connected and played with the same characters.

    If you're new to the game, then Nightfall has the easiest intro/tutorial... plus, it has "heroes", customizable companions that you can team up with.

    But if you are interested in the history that lead up to Guild Wars 2, then Prophecies and Eye of the North would be the most suitable.

    There is a "Guild Wars Complete Collection" out, that contains all four games, and there is a "Guild Wars Trilogy" that contains the 3 major campaigns (excluding EOTN). Usually the trilogy can be found for around $30, though last week Gamestop and Best Buy had it on offer for only $14.99.

    Also, if you're doing this for the background story on GW2, then you may also want to check out the Guild Wars novels "Ghosts of Ascalon" (by Matt Forbeck) and "Edge of Destiny" (by J. Robert King).

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    No, it's not out.

    There are 4 games that make up Guild Wars. 3 campaigns and 1 expansion. You're better off buying all the campaigns in a "trilogy" set. You can probably find it on sale for around $20 now and then spending $10 to add on Eye of the North, the expansion.

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