IPhone question?Please help me?

So a couple weeks ago i broke my 3rd gen. ipod touch... wellll, my friend got a new iphone 3g for $50 when her samsung impression broke (same phone that i have) i REALLY want an iphone, so i was thinking instead of getting a new ipod i could just get an iphone which would combine the necessity of a new ipod and a new phone in one... how much would this cost? hers BROKE, not by water damage or anything. So does that explain why her new phone was so cheap? I have a two year plan and i only got it last june..please explain. its at&t through comporium, btw.

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  • Juan
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    10 years ago
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    The reason is At&t has a deal right now a 8gb Iphone 3gs for 49.99, but its with a 2 year contact, you might want to ask your local At&t Vendor to see if you can either extend your contract, more then likely your friend was at the end of her contract and she extended it

  • Joe
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    10 years ago

    just as the first answer said, a new iPhone 3GS from AT&T costs only $49. but thats with a new contract. i cant find the current retail value of it, but i imagine its quite cheap, since the phone is over a year and a half old

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