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Anonymous asked in TravelTravel (General)Other - Destinations · 9 years ago

Are you required to show your passport on entry at a hotel which is already pre-booked and payed?

Me and my boyfriend are traveling to the Canary Islands, Ryan-air allows 16+ to travel by flight themselves' without an adult accompanying them. However, the hotel which we have seen doesn't have a direct website, and we are booking it through another one, (it is safe ect) however, it says that atleast one of the two travellers staying at the hotel needs to be 18+, but we aren't, we are both 16. I don't like to lie, however we have to go (for a personal reason) , and i also (Driving lisence, and another passport) that says i'm 18. Will they request 'my' passport upon entry, even if it has been pre-booked and payed? And if so, could i use the ones which say i'm 18? Or even better, does anyone know a hotel in Tenerife, that allows 16+ to stay, without adults.

No lectures please! It's a massive crisis and i need a solution, thank you.


And i also have a Driving license and passport which say i'm 18+ (Belonging to Relatives) ******

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ok I used to be a Travel Rep and have lived in the Canary Islands, When you book into any hotel anywhere in the world (you have to be 18) they take your passports at reception as soon as you check in, and they are send them all to the local police department for checks on their data-base. I would strongly suggest that you don't use false passports........not a lecture just the facts.

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