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What is kissing like, and also what was your first kiss like?

I know this question has been asked in a few ways on this website before, but my reason and question for asking is a little different. I am 27 years old and I have major social anxiety. The only girlfriend I've ever had was when I was 14 and it was more of one of those things where you just say you are "going out" like in school lol, not an actual relationship. I have never been kissed, nor have I ever had sex.

I think overall the world is a pretty crappy place. There are very few things worth living for, and in fact the only things I believe are worth living for are friendship and love. My ultimate dream for my life is to find a girl with a really kind, caring, honest and loving personality. After that I want to get married to her and have a family. Then I want to shield these precious people from as much of the worlds hardships as I can. I know I can't protect them from everything, but I think you know what I mean. Anyway the reason I said that is so you had a little back story on me and would know why I am asking this question the way I am.

I long for the companionship of this wonderful girl I'm looking for. When I lay down in my bed at night alone, I just want someone there so bad. Someone to put my arms around and say "I love you." When she gets scared I will to take her in my arms and tell her I will take care of her always. When she is lonely I will look her in the eyes and tell her as long as I'm around she will never be alone. I want someone to love, you know? It's really great for someone to love you, but for me it's also just as great to love someone back. Loving someone feels so good, just as good as being loved does. Anyway, now you know how powerful my feelings are regarding this. So on to the question.

I have been fantasizing about my first kiss since I was 15 years old. Being a human being, of course I am interested in sex and I look forward to the day I get to share myself with someone so special. But truly I look forward to my first kiss more than losing my virginity. The reason why is because to me, kissing seems like it would be such an emotional, magical experience. I know sex can be emotional to, but the reason I fantasize so much more about kissing is because I think when two people kiss, and I mean really kiss, it's like that person becomes your whole world in that moment. There is nothing but you and them as the soft skin of your lips caress each other. I just feel like it would be such a powerful, magical connection. And unlike sex, it's something you can just do over and over until you've had your fill, whereas with sex you've gotta have some downtime in between stuff lol.

So my question to you is twofold. First of all I'd just like kind of an description of what kissing is like for different people. Is it truly such a magical, emotional, connecting experience? I know some people don't particularly like to kiss, but I am asking everyone's opinion just cause I wanna know. I've made progress with my social anxiety lately and I think I may really get to have my first kiss soon and I am so curious you know.

Also I would like to hear anybody's first kiss story that they are willing to share. My online friends have told me their first kiss stories and they are just so awesome in most cases. It really uplifts me to read them because they often are rather magical and almost everyone has incredibly fond memories of their first kiss.

So if you could comment on these two things for me I would greatly appreciate it! If you don't like kissing that's fine too, I want everybody's opinion. I also asked another question today about something kissing related, and I had a sub-question in it too that I'll mention here just in case. I truly have never kissed anyone, is there anything I should make sure to do or not do? I mean I know it will probably awkward considering I never have kissed anyone, but I don't want to do anything to make myself look completely stupid lol. So anyway yeah, I welcome everyone's opinion and thank you in advance!

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    Don't mind people who call you a loser for not having kissed anyone yet, it'll happen when it happens and I'm sure you'll appreciate it when it does. Just don't lose hope and try not to come away with too many expectations, it's different for every single person.

    Mine was at thirteen years old, I'm eighteen now and still a virgin! So I know what it's like to be really curious about a certain experience. Mine was was with a pretty blond girl and it was one of the most awkward but pleasant experiences. I was quite ignorant about kissing and was convinced that shoving your tongues together was the true way to do it right, so after some mouth to mouth wrestling i decided i quite enjoy kissing. So my advice would be, when you do it-don't go all french style at first..just ease into it, you'll appreciate it more :)

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    Two days ago I had my very first kiss, and let me tell you, it isn't all the romantic thing novels/movies make it out to be. There was no tingly sensations or fireworks. It was just kind of warm and a little weird.. I though it would be thi amazing milestone in my relationship, but really I could care less if I kiss him again anytime soon. We only had a small kiss though, about five seconds long, so I'm not sure what adavance kissing is like, but I hope I helped!

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    Honestly simply loosen up, you can not relatively do whatever mistaken, simply be certain you've contemporary breath, seem into his eyes and lean in. Here's a few matters I've learned by way of kissing: -GO SLOW to begin, you are much less prone to suppose clumsy and awkward in case you begin with gentle smooth kisses -USE YOUR HANDS no longer within the kiss instantly without doubt, however contact him(no longer his dick instantaneously). Start via resting your hand at the again of his neck/head, and in case you get extra into it lightly tug on his hair(men pass wild). You might additionally relaxation a hand on his shoulder or thigh if it makes you extra at ease. -SMILE at him whilst you pull aside and seem into his eyes Good success, you're going to be first-rate xx I'm consistently glad to support in case you desire to speak to me

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    damn you are exactly like me i found what you want except shes in another country so its hard.

    cant give you advice on the question but i can tell you love is not hard to find it comes to you when its ready. dont give up hope and another tip girls care more about personality than looks ( its true!! ) some dont and are shallow but they arent worth it just keep looking and trying ad you will get there.

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  • 9 years ago

    My first kiss was awesome. It was with a short black girl with nice plump lips. I felt it all the way down to my toes.


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  • 9 years ago

    omg u poor thing go see a psycologist you need to be more social getting drunk or getting hookers will work as well

    Source(s): im 14 lol loser
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