Why do people confuse between Nubians and Ancient Egyptians ?

A lot of people always think Ancient Egyptians are the Nubians in the south, but that's absolutely false, Ancient Egypt and Nubia were totally separate nations, each created a separate civilizations, they even conquered and fought each other.

Ancient Egyptians looked different than Nubians, till this day, Egyptians look different than Nubians in the south, They are of different ethnicity , there are also Nubians in Northern Sudan, Does it mean they are Egyptians !?

Yes Nubians in southern Egypt are Egyptians, but they are Egyptians by nationality not by ethnicity,

94% of modern Egyptians are natives, others are Immigrants and Nubians.


edit:color of statues doesn't represent how they looked, there are also WHITE statues of Egyptians. does it mean they were white?!

About Queen Tiye, u can know how she looked through her mummy , here's a pic of her mummy :

she had brown hair that is kind of wavy not woolly

Update 3:

edit : when did i say nubians were white ?! i was talking about queen tiye

Update 4:

@xavier: modern Egyptians look nothing like Ethiopians or Somalians, Actually the Nubians look like the Ethiopians and the Somalians not the Egyptians

Egyptians, ancient and modern are Mediterranean North African people, unlike Nubians.

Check the photos i posted about egyptians in rural areas, that's how egyptians look

Update 5:

edit: not sure whether Tiye was Nubian or not, But her mummy doesn't say she was a Nubian

Update 6:

@xavier similar looks of ormorou or somalian don't exist in egypt, unless in Nubia, but in the rest of Egypt, they all look Mediterranean north african,

How do u know they are descendants of arabs !??! arabs ruled over they did NOT substitute the natives,

paintings in the walls doesn't represent how they looked, hair in the pics are wigs, they knew what the egyptian's ethnicity through the mummies and dna, most of the mummies shows hair that is not even close to black woolly hair, DNA proved that 94% of modern egyptians are natives, and identical to ancient ones

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    10 years ago
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    Yes Nubians are Southern Egyptians nowadays and the northern Egyptians are lighter.

    They confuse it I think because some Afro-Centric people believe that all Pharaos were black

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    10 years ago

    I know the Egyptians werent black but the Nubians were. But alot of Egyptians had nubian ancestry.

    King Tut

    Nubian Queen(His grandmother)


    EDIT: Im sorry sweetie but the Nubian tribe was a all black kingdom.

    Maybe Egyptian had some " whites" but not the Nubians. The word Nubian itself means black.

    Nubian woman


    Queen Tiye was a Nubian Queen i.e black

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    10 years ago

    In reality there was a blur between them with two extremes.

    Lower Egyptians (Northern Egypt)- Predominately Asiatic descent with partial African ancestry similar to Libyan Berbers

    Upper Egyptians (Middle Egypt)- Predominately Afro-Asiatic mix probably slightly more Asiatic

    Lower Nubians (Southern Egypt)- Predominately Afro-Asiatic mix probably slightly more African

    Upper Nubians (Northern Sudan)- Predominately African descent with partial Asiatic ancestry similar to Horn of African eg Ethiopians

    Basically Upper Egyptians and Lower Nubians were similar if not identical genetics and historians even agree I mean they bordered eachother it would happen naturally.

    eg Y-DNA E1b1b mtDNA M1


    Egyptians clearly painted themselves the same as some Nubians (Lower Nubians) at times. Red skin, darker than Asiatics and Libyans but darker than the black skin Nubians (Upper Nubians) they were clearly a Afro-Asiatic mix.

    Like in this painting;

    Nubians (in leopard skin) with bows running from Egyptians come in two different skin tones one being literally black and the other being identical to that of the Egyptians (orange)

    Nubians still vary like that today;

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    10 years ago

    Yeah, they're "natives" after centuries of Semitic outbreeding. The only original Egyptianness is in rural areas and the South.

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