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What is a good food for a 16 month bullmastiff with dry skin?

My 16 month bull mastiff has dry skin but a beautiful coat. I am considering changing his food, he is currently on Kirkland's Premium Chicken and Rice. I have tried other more expensive foods, Innova Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Evo etc and they all either gave him terrible gas, loose stools or both! I made the changes slowly mixing old food with new. The only problem I have is his dry skin while on Kirkland. His stools are fine, his weight perfect, 120 and he likes the food. Perhaps there is a supplement? Shampoo? Thank you!


Thank you Jennifer and Wolf Howl. I just spoke with my vet about an omega 3 supplement and will pick that up today. Wolf Howl, the comment on the dander is right on and silly me never put the 2 together. His coat is really glossy but the flakes and dander, yuck! I will research and price out the foods you suggested and switch him over soon. I have had many dogs over the years but never one with a skin issue. My rottie was on Kirkland and lived to be a bit over 13 with no problems.

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    Loose stool and gas are common when changing food, especially since he is going from a mediocre food that is so-so health wise to a very good quality food. I would not recommend Blue Buffalo however because they have had quite a few food recalls. I actually had my dog on Kirkland at one point b/c I got it free and didn't want to waste it but her skin had so much dander it looked like she was creating snow when I brushed her.

    I would recommend putting him on something fish based to start off as the Omega 3 oils and fatty acids will help his skin recover and put a shine back into his coat. Anything grain free is good but the first recommendation I would make would be Orijen as it is the best dog food currently available on the market. Some other foods I would recommend would be Fromm, Taste of the wild, Acana, and Earthborn (grain free varieties, this is the cheapest high quality dog food where you can get a 28lb bag for $44 of the newer formulas and the older grain free formula, still available on the market, can be bought for $32 for a 28 lb bag. these prices are based on what the farm store I live by sells the dog food for, the price will however be higher if you buy from specialty/gourmet dog food stores).

    If you don't want to put your mastiff on a fished based formula you could mix salmon oil into his Kirkland Food but since Kirkland is the cause of his poor skin condition I would advise getting him off of it and onto a higher quality food and mixing the salmon oil into that. Canned pumpkin by fruitables is good to help firm up stool as well when you are changing foods. Runny poop for a week is normal and can last as long as 2 weeks or longer depending on how slowly he adjusts to a change in food. I would definitely recommend a slow change mixing the two foods together until he is completely on the new higher quality food.

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    Don't just change brands. Some ingredient in the food does not agree with him. The most common offenders are corn, wheat, soy, yeast, chicken, beef, eggs and dairy products. Changing from brand to brand without considering the ingredients is hit or miss at best. Find a formula that has none of the most likely offenders. Blue Buffalo Lamb and Brown Rice, Wellness Lamb, Barley and Salmon and Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream are a few that I am familiar with.

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    Rule of thumb: Only buy food food after reading the label listing the ingredients. Select one that has as few ingredients as possible and make sure you know what each ingredient is. That said, Natural Balance has a great line of dog foods. We feed the dry food to our bullmastiffs. Healthy and they like it.

  • Have you tried fish oil?

    You can buy a pump of it from the pet food store or just give him a human Omega 3 capsule.

    I have a nearly 2 year old Bullmastiff male. He eats a combo of Orijen and raw when I have time.

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    EGGS. eggs are the best food to give dogs with dry skin. it makes the coat shiney and healthy. scramble them and let them cool.

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