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which computer is know on high speed?

acer is the highest speed syem in world wide

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    It is not the brand that gives a computer more or less speed, but the quality and matching of the components, firmware and drivers, operating system (OS) and software.

    Any brand can be fast or slow, depending on what's in the box, both physical and virtual (hardware, OS and software).

    Look for a computer with an i5 or i7 Intel processor, the bus speed on the motherboard matters, get at least 4 GB, preferably 8 GB and ideal 16 GB of RAM Memory, a Seagate hard drive (they are still the best spindle hard drives) or even better, an SSD hard drive (they are very expensive still), a good graphics card such as nVidia with at least 1GB GPU RAM. All of those will greatly increase the speed of your computer.

    Also the operating system matters. Windows is the slowest and most resource hungry.

    Both Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Linux are much faster and reliable OS's.

    While Mac OS X computers are way overpriced Linux is always free...

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    Your question makes NO SENSE. . .

    You should probably reword it, because you said an irrational thought which cannot be strung together to make any sense.

    A fast system is at least a dual-core processor with 2.5ghz per core, 3gb of ram or more, and a recent video card. These things come together to make a great system. A good operating system is microsoft windows 7 (x64)

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    the new imac are extremely fast! :)

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