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jkl asked in 教育與參考考試 · 1 decade ago


Family Background My name is Chen,Yi-Ru. I am eighteen years old. Taipei, I am studying at Shu Jen senior high school and my major is Tourism. There are three people in my family, including, my father, mother and I. My father is a hard-working worker and he is the only one that brings home the bacon. He always tells us,“As long as one puts efforts in things one is doing, one can make it eventually.”His words become my motto for dealing things later on. My mom is housekeeper. She instructs us well. She guided us that any behavior a kid shows outside of the family represents one’s parents. Therefore, I am very careful with my manner for not to dishonor them. They teaching are very democracy. Instead of scolding or punishing us while we did something wrong, they shared their opinions and talked with us. They hope we can be better than them. Personality and Interests I have an easygoing, optimistic and humble personality. Besides, I think I am somewhat on the shy side, especially in front of strangers or a person whom I am unfamiliar with. As a result, I think I should learn to open myself up more and spend time with people. I am a responsible and enthusiastic person. In addition, I like to help time with people. My favorite hobbies are traveling and listening to music in particular, pop music, because makes me relax.


During my senior high school, I had several responsible and patient teachers around me.

Update 2:

They guided me to understand what was more important in my life. They not only taught us specific subjects but also taught us how to behave ourselves. I always remember a teacher said,

Update 3:

“Conducting oneself is more difficult than getting knowledge”It has become my motto for maintaining good relationship with others.

Update 4:

I had passed Level 4 of the Commercial Vocational Education Society, required qualification examination of class C skill category of Bartender and Level 4 of Japanese Proficiency Test held by Association of International Education.

Update 5:

Future Ambition

I am ambitiously to build up my ability and confidence during the upcoming college years. I look ford to learning more about the variety of specific skills and knowledge. All of these will be based on how much effort I am going to make.

Update 6:

I am quite sure about myself and always persisting in carrying out my plan of future. To reach my goal, I have tried my best through carefully mapping out my schedule with a hope that my life will go just as I want.

Update 7:

If I am permitted to join you, I believe I will fulfill what I plan to do with the guidance and instruction from you.

I sincerely appreciate your patience for reading my autobiography.

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    從頭到尾都是III或是My My My不太好

    2011-05-05 16:46:21 補充:

    我幫你改一部分,你參考我的寫法,想辦法改掉過多的開頭III MyMyMY

    Easygoing, optimistic and humble are my personality, but I think I am somewhat on the shy side, especially in front of strangers or a person whom I am unfamiliar with. As a result, Opening myself up and spending more time with people are very important for me to learn. Being a responsible and enthusiastic person, I like to help people. Upon making me relax, traveling and listening to pop music are my favorite hobbies.

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