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Would a company like SM accept a non-Asian?

(Putting aside the question of talent here...) I want to do like the whole KPop thing but I hear from a lot of places that they only want Koreans/Asians (which makes sense, can't blame them), and I'm caucasian. The thing is, I LOVE singing Korean music. SHINee, BEAST, SNSD... If you can sing in Korean, would they consider you? Would it help if I knew the language fluently, or is it just totally out of the question?

Thanks for the help... I DO get that they're only looking for Asians, but I'm wondering if they could be persuaded, because I know non-Asians try out.

P.S. Have you auditioned? How do you prepare for auditions, what's expected of you?


I do speak a fair amount of Japanese, if that helps...

But I don't have any Asian in me. D:

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    well since your putting aside the question of talent im gonna tell you your chances are kinda slim.

    based on most groups kpop entertainment groups tend to focus on beauty before the talent so if your drop dead gorgeous or like a aegyo queen you could be in.

    im happy your like kpop more people are into now yay!

    it would help if you spoke or sang in korean maybe not fluently but understandable like good pronouciation.

    while sm does only looks for asian if you consider talent than if your an extremely good rapper,singer or dancer then your chances just doubled but still are a little slim.

    as an asian i would know most asian in the native land can be a little xenophobic towards foreigners. like even when they say "ohh your a foreigner" notice they have asian blood tho like examples lee joon(hollywood star), nickhun(he just looks less asian), kevin(fluent english speaker)also incluse eli i believe,etc. their all asian just been in america or speak it oh i forgot beckah. anyways out of all of them i think that nickhun and beckah are the most foreign looking but they are remeber still asian.

    HOWEVER, your chances can be increased slightly again with that fact that more people are into kpop and its getting more popular so as a strategic thing they might accept a talented foreign person to debut in a group to hype it up a bit.

    rania,bigbang,2ne1 although they are still asian have alot of american influence as in artist they actually work with and are interested in helping them promote in america so maybe they'll open up a bit.

    considered against an asian person of equal talent 1/5 id say the asian person would be chosen just cause well their asian(some people believe that asian msic gets its charm from the artist being asian).

    also companies might consider the fact that kpop fans might increase dramatically or decrease dramtically for a group with foreingners. i mean even when they have foreigners their still asian but they still are more publisized on shows for being from an asian country other than korea.

    so basically even tho you said talent aside i would say thats the bottom line if you happen to stand out in your talent you could be in. if someone of your equal talent showed up before you they almost certainly be picked before you. also consider which company would be more open to so called "outsiders" like im an sm town fan and all but the companys not exactly known for being nice so consider carefully your chances of getting into another company and them excepting another foreigner/

    Source(s): sorry for how long this is
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  • 9 years ago

    Must it be SM? Better yet,must it be the Kpop industry? I mean with SM, they are known for their 80% looks and 20% talent. If you are a non-Asian,like what other people have already said, it definitely limits your chances of getting in or even succeeding in this industry. I mean so far, there is NO non-Asian performers in the Korean scene right now, so I don't think it will change in the future. I mean it will be a huge risk for companies to take, but try it anyway, you won't have anything to lose...

    Sorry to burst your bubble, I know this is unfair, but so are many other things in the world right?

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  • 9 years ago

    to be honest, i don't think SM will accept a non-asian. they say they are open to any nationality but...there are plenty of caucasian people auditioning and none have gotten into SM. it doesnt matter if you can sing in korean because they will teach you the language if you are not fluent. if you are a great dancer, they might train you to be a back-up dancer for their artists. i have not auditioned (yet) but i know that you should prepare a few songs whether or not in korean. learn how to freestyle dance.

    since you dont have any asian in you, your chances of getting in will be decreased.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    SM prefers ANY kind of race, but they prefer asians more a bit. And you don't really have to sing in Korean for them to accept you, you can actually sing english songs, japanese, chinese, etc as long as you sing great! ^^

    I'm planning to audition for SM, JYP, or DSP Media! And I can't wait until they reply back~! (:

    If you are gonna sing, you need to atleast know more than one songs; have a about 3 songs to sing just in case. They MIGHT ask you to dance freestyle, even though you're only auditiong for singing.

    SM prefers if you are asian, have good looks, can sing very well, and weighs skinny.

    I hope I answered all of your questions..? LOL. ^^

    Source(s): Planning on auditioning; My friend is a trainee. (:
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  • 9 years ago

    Of course not. You can thumbs down my answer but I'm going to be honest. It's K-pop. It wouldn't feel like K-pop if a non-Asian was singing. Think from the company's point of view. They want to make money. They wouldn't make money from a non-Asian doing K-pop because no one will buy their albums you know what I mean? It doesn't matter if you can sing and speak Korean. In Korea it's all about looks. They would rather choose a Chinese person who could speak no Korean than a non-Asian who spoke fluently. Also, I heard they would chose a ugly Asian over a pretty non-Asian but that's not surprising seeing as they could just get plastic surgery. Anyway you have to be Asian to get accepted. They don't even accept half Asians. And like I said before it's all about looks so you would get kicked out before you even opened your mouth.

    If you still want to audition you have to be ready for criticism. I know a white person who auditioned and all the trainees and judges gave them dirty looks

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  • 9 years ago

    absolutely not. most of the koreans/korean americans here are trying to defend kpop ethnocentricism. they are liars.

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  • 9 years ago

    You have VERY slim chance

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  • Hyuna
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    9 years ago

    Sorry to burst your bubble but absolutely not

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