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What exactly do I do to prepare for the SAT and improve my score the most?

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    There are many options for SAT preparation. You need to decide which one fits your abilities, schedule, and personality the best.

    Prep courses are a viable option. There are long courses, single weekend courses, and online courses (both live and recorded). These are written by people who live and breathe the SAT, so they know the ins and outs of the test. They can help you quickly see the patterns of the test. Prep courses are good for students who need the structure of a classroom and proctored practice tests.

    Tutoring is another option. This is a wise choice for people who need one-on-one guidance.

    Self studying is a great option for highly motivated students. If this is what you plan to do, be sure to purchase the Official SAT Study Guide (aka the blue book) from the makers of the test. It is the only book with real study questions. You can begin your studies by taking the free practice test on the College Board website. After scoring the test in their online template, you'll have a good idea of your weakest areas which need further practice and study. You can then work on these areas in the practice tests in the blue book. And if you need help understanding these areas, then you can purchase a self-help book from a reputable company.

    In the meantime, you should begin studying vocabulary and practicing reading long, boring passages.

    Good luck!

  • well i improved my score by about 200 points which i did by reading and doing this workbook that was given to my sister by a person who tutored her for the SAT and i just looked at the book and it really helped but you could probably do the same thing by looking online for a website that does the same thing or going to the book store and getting your own SAT book. One of the kids in my school ended up getting a perfect score on it just by following the blue actual SAT book so if you just dedicate time to actually study you should do better.

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