How does stem cell treatment work and what are the benefits?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Stem cell therapy is an amazing modern medical advancement that goes straight to the source of the problem—damage on the cellular level. Stem cell therapy is a procedure by which damaged, diseased, or malfunctioning cells anywhere in the body are replaced by introducing healthy stem cells to that area of the body. Stem cell therapy is a promising treatment for all kinds of degenerative diseases because of the stem cells’ regenerative abilities.

    Stem cell therapy sounds like a relatively new concept, but there are stem cell therapy treatments with which most of us are already familiar. Bone marrow transplant is one type of stem cell therapy (specifically hematopoietic cell therapy) that has been in use for the past 40 years for regenerating the blood and immune systems, especially for the treatment of leukemia.

    The potential benefits of stem cell treatment

    It is important to understand why scientists are so excited by the potential of stem cell research. one can think of stem cell therapy as a kind of microscopic organ transplant. When injected into the body, the cells will travel to damaged tissue and replace or repair it. Currently there are many degenerative diseases which cannot be treated effectively. Stem cell therapies, scientists say, could possibly cure patients with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, heart disease and cancer.

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  • Zona
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    Stem cell treatments can also help to repair semi-permanently damaged tissue by creating a build new tissue off of. GEAHH, can you tell I haven't had my coffee yet?? I hate words...anyway, look that part up, it does have truth to it...I just can't think of the word that has to replace "thingy". It was on a Discovery channel special about a month ago.

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