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What do you think of the Sara Happ lip scrub and lip slip?

I want to by them because I heard juicystar07 (a beauty guru on youtube) say that they are the best lip balm and lip scrub she has ever tried and I wanted to hear what other people thought about them before I get them. Are they really that good? Are they worth the money? Does anyone know of any really good lip balms or ways to make lips softer? My lips are very dry and cracked and I really wish they could look and feel better. Thank you.

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    i watch her too and i am tempted to buy everything she mentions.. ( and sometimes i stupidly do) ... but before you go try it out.. try this

    take some cooking oil -- about two table spoons(vegetable,olive,canola, or whatever your household uses) and add some sugar to the oil. using your finger, rub the mixture on your lips in a circular motion for a couple of minutes and then rinse away. This will get rid of the dead skin and the oil will keep them moisturized. After washing the mixture off, take vaseline or your favorite chapstick (although simple vaseline works best) and apply to lips!

    try this for a week or two, and if youre lips still feel chapped, then spend money on the product!

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