How does my husband continue to file weekly claims for unemployment?

He has been receiving unemployment since january and has started working about 8 weeks ago. He has still continued to file becuase his hours vary at his job. For the past 4 weeks he has made $100 greater than his weekly unemployment beneift so now when he tries to go in to file his past weeks claim it says that he isn't able to at this time. He only worked 29 hours last week and we really need the extra money. By the way we live in Oklahoma

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    10 years ago
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    Just file the way he always has. If that's not working, then contact the unemployment office to find out why his application is being blocked.

    Keep in mind that if he's working he probably doesn't qualify for for unemployment anymore. At the very least his benefits will be reduced based on how much he actually worked. If he's been working but he's lying on his weekly application and saying he still doesn't have a job, then he's going to get charged with fraud and be forced to repay all of his illegal benefits. Its possible that the Unemployment office cross checked his SSN against tax records and saw that he's working now so they blocked his application.

  • 10 years ago

    I hope he has been reporting this income on his unemployment form each week

    They probably have checked where he works and are aware of how much he receives

    Unfortunately, unemployment is based on your GROSS earnings and not net after taxes

    that is the main kicker - they consider your husband employed and won't increase/decrease

    the unemployment benefit to augment your income - more than likely they have stopped

    the checks until they can verify exactly what's going on with your husband.

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