How to see chat history in facebook if I cleared it from the top?

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I talked with my friend in the end, I cleared it from the top button(clear history) but I want to see that chat again i tried javascript:Chat.openTab(ID Here); but it works when more
Update : when I tried this code window pop ups but as I said it did not work if a more
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well unless you have the updated version of facebook your chat history has permanantly been deleted. You can't get it back, unless you are a super-secret-agent working for the FBI.. if you get the drift. The new updated version of facebook however, saves your chat history into your facebook mail. So have a click there to see if you have the new email on facebook, if not sorry about that!

I'm new to yahoo answers, so Im just trying to answer as many as possible to get an answer to my one question, answer mine maybe if you can? !

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thnx buddy
and welcome to yahoo Qs/Ans
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  • dannyboy2111 answered 3 years ago
    if you have the new messenging system Try Going to your inbox and see if its in there if you dont have the new messenging system than your out of luck there is no way to retrieve it
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