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Which are bigger and more popular right now singers or actors?

I believe singers are. singers like lady gaga, justin bieber, chris brown, eminem and rihanna all have achieved a billion views on youtube. no actors has ever surpassed 80 million views on youtube.

Singers also get more facebook fans and get googled wayy more.

I don't hear a lot about angelina jolie anymore; all I hear right now is lady gaga, chris brown and justin bieber.

I also tend to believe that singers are historically bigger than actors; they had icons like Elvis, Madonna, The Beatles and Michael Jackson; I don't think any actors are bigger than them. The biggest actors ever lived are John Wayne and Charlie Chaplin but they are still not as well known as elvis. I knew who michael jackson is since I was 2 but I didn't know who tom cruise is until I saw a movie starring him when I was 10. the movie was Mission Impossible 2

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    Singers. I think Lady Gaga has the most followers on Twitter.. like 7 million something.

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    why did I just read that

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