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目前有一個新的產品詢問需求來自xx大學的xx老師,研究為量測有關XX分析.客戶也從xx的網頁看到產品之相關應用. 而其也進一步詢問若是要量測長度為0.1~0.5mm在XX分析方面,是否也是可以量測的到呢?



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    Hi XXX

    目前有一個新的產品詢問需求來自xx大學的xx老師,研究為量測有關XX分析.客戶也從xx的網頁看到產品之相關應用. 而其也進一步詢問若是要量測長度為0.1~0.5mm在XX分析方面,是否也是可以量測的到呢?Dear XXX Here is a new inquiry which relates to a research as an analysis of XX measurement from professor XX of XX University.

    Professor XX has seen its applications through XX's website as well. Based on the research, please kindly let us know if the measurement range between 0.1mm and 0.5mm could be reached accordingly.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon and your help will be much appreciated.

    Best regards, XXX

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    Hi XXXThere is a demand for new products ask XX from XX University teacher, a measurement study on XX analysis.

    Customers also from xx pages to see products related applications.

    And it also further asks if you want to measure length of 0.1~0.5mm in XX analysis, can be measured the same?

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