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How does one go about getting a Canadian citizenship?

I am an American who is very interested in living in Canada. I am wondering what it is like (besides cold), and how do I go about immigrating there?

Thanks in advance!

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    Obtaining Canadian citizenship is not as easy as people south of the border might think.

    The best way is if you have a Canadian parent (such as in my case). Then you should automatically be granted citizenship, though you might have to wait a couple years before citizenship is granted.

    Otherwise, you need to be present in Canada for 3 out of 4 years, be employed by a company, and you should have some sort of college/university degree as well as good finances. You first need to apply for permanent residency. To do this you will require an employer in Canada to hire you full-time. You can only stay in the country as long as you have this job and you can not switch jobs either. After 3 years in the country you may apply for citizenship. This process is lengthy and can take years. It's not uncommon for some people to wait 10 or more years before being granted citizenship.

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    Foreigners has to either

    1) born in Canada

    2) apply for.

    As outlined here:

    You need to;

    1) obtain the permanent resident status (through immigrating successfully)

    2) be over 18, when applying, kids under 18 are citizens as their parents become

    3) live a min, 1 095 days within the past 4 consecutive years

    4) have no major criminal records (no murders)

    Then, you apply for citizenship through package, and processing fees

    and don't forget to send 2 identical 35mm x 53 mm photos

    Then, on an scheduled date, you will be taking the "Oath of Allegiance" to promise to fulfil you duties as a citizen.

    Sing the national anthem "O Canada!" in English/French

    and prepare yourself in a test for Language skills, Canadian ethics, history and basic knowledge.

    Attend the ceremony and you shall be an official citizen of Canada.

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    Go to the Government's website,

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