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Anne Frank Book Report , Please Help?

Please help me , im doing a book report on the diary of anne frank by frances goodrich and albert hackett


- Summary of Book



Plot (Problem/ Solution)


Self - to - Text Connection

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    Uh, this isn't O_o

    Just google: "Anne Frank Book Report". You'll get millions, and more importantly, you'll get more ideas for YOUR OWN PAPER THAT YOU SHOULD WRITE! :) Just sayin'.

    Summary of Book: Anne Frank, her family (Edith Frank, Otto Frank, and Margo Frank), the Van Daans (who are actually the Van Pels, but Anne changed their names for safety; Petronella Van Daan/Augusta Van Daan, Peter Van Daan/Pel, and Mr. Van Daan/Pel), and Mr. Dussel (whose real name is Mr. Pfeffer; "Dussel" is German for nitwit) go into hiding at Mr. Frank's jam company in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With the help of Mr. Frank's former employees, they stay in hiding for over two years before being captured by the Gestapo. If you need more detail, wikipedia the book.

    Setting: The secret annex in Mr. Frank's jam company in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Characters: Anne Frank, Mr. Frank, Margo Frank, Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Van Daan, Mr. Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, Miep Gies, Albert Dussel, and Mr. Kraler. There may be one or two more, but those are the main ones.

    Plot: Again, wikipedia it. They have it ALL, man!

    Reccommendation: "I recommend this book because it gives a personal account of the Holocaust through a child's eyes. Throughout the book, I became especially close to Anne, which only made it much more devastating when the Gestapo captured the Secret Annex family. I suggest this book to anyone interested in the Holocaust, and depending on which version the reader gets, this book can be read by twelve-year-olds and up."

    Self-to-Text Connection: I'm not sure what this exactly is, but if it's just giving your opinion, you can't screw it up. Just make sure you grammar and spelling is right, and if the teacher marks it down anyway, get your butt up there and argue that you can't mark down someone's opinion.

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    Have you read the book? When you do a book report, your teacher is more interested in YOUR impressions of the book - what you learned from it, how it struck you - than by a flawless report written by a college major.

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