How does magicjack work for international calls?

So I hear about magicjack and I wanna know how does it work for international calls. I heard that to call overseas you have to pay 14 cents or so per each minute, is this true ? and what if you're using a prepaid phone card ( the regular ones you get from any store) is it still gonna charge you per minute or no

Please guys I want to know the answer before I buy it. thanks


P.S. I want to know in the case where the other person overseas doesn't have magicJack. And if you guys know hoe much is it per minute for Jordan

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you want to use International Long Distance from Magic Jack directly, you need to buy International minutes/credits on top of the regular service fee.

    There should be no reason you cannot use international calling cards with MJ (other than audio is being coded twice at least, through the MJ system and the calling card system, which may or may not a problem). You will not use any MJ minutes; the call will be local or toll free to MJ the same as with any other domestic phone service. Of course, you will be consuming the card minutes.

    The caller at the other end does not need MJ, but if you get them one, then you can call them for no extra cost, because they will have a US number.

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