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"Мне На Кризис Наплевать Вылез в Топе Гоу Бухать" - What?

«Мне на кризис наплевать, вылез в топе гоу бухать». I found this phrase on a couple of Russian sites. Please, help me to translate it into English and understand its meaning. Google translation service says, «I do not care about the crisis, got in the top gos thump». Sounds like nonsense. Does anyone know its meaning? Is it a kind of flashmob or something? Or do the Russians have some special attitude to the crisis?

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    «Мне На Кризис Наплевать Вылез в Топе Гоу Бухать» - is the motto of an annual tournament carried out by Russian programmers on April 27.

    The idea of this tournament belongs to a person known as drugdealer. He came up with this idea during the world financial crisis that began in 2008.

    Here is a word-for-word translation of this phrase:

    мне - I

    на кризис – upon a crisis

    наплевать - spit

    вылез – has reached

    в топе - Top 10 search results

    гоу бухать – to party and get drunk

    Мне на кризис наплевать - I spit upon a crisis. “To spit upon something” is a common Russian slang phrase that means “to not care about something” or “to not give a damn about something”. It is used to express a complete negligence towards something. By saying, “I don’t give a damn about a crisis”, one can mean that he is stronger than a crisis and he will get over it.

    Вылез в топе – A site has reached Top 10 positions on the first page of search results. This is how Russian programmers fight a crisis. Since Search Engine Optimization is their main job, every day they are doing their best to dominate the search engines no matter how difficult it can be. Their goal is to reach Top 10 ranked positions, get more targeted traffic to their sites and earn more money. Everybody wants to achieve the best ranked positions, so they have to fight till they win and reach their goal.

    гоу бухать – to party and get drunk. When a search engine optimizer reaches Top 10 search engine results, he can relax for a while as his goal is finally reached. Russians think that getting drunk at the party is the best way of relaxation.

    «мне на кризис наплевать, вылез в топе гоу бухать» can be translated into the English with the following phrase, “I don’t give a damn about a crisis. Each time my site reaches Top 10 positions in search engine results I go to the party and get drunk”.

    Source(s): My friend is Russian webmaster.
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    Basically, the person says that he/she doesn't care about the crisis at hand, however, it isn't specified of exactly what it is that he spits on.

    Source(s): Russian speaker
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