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Is Tap/Jazz/Ballet Classes fun?

So today I was going to a new studio I have been thinking of going to this new studio and they only give classes in combinations of tap/jazz/ballet... Not anything separate but they do give hip hop... So Should I take it?

If you have taken any classes like this let me know how it was?


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    Yes! I dance and we have a tap/jazz back to back but our ballet class is on a separate day. Any type of dance is really fun but I particularly like tap and jazz.

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  • 9 years ago

    Tap, jazz and ballet are very fun! I do them all, have been for years and love them. :)

    I am concerned however.... you said they're combinations. Do you mean that they're one hour classes back to back with one another that you switch to each one, (which is done a lot, i've done it myself) or is it like a full 1 hour class with tap, jazz, AND ballet crammed into it?

    If it's running from one class to the next right after the other ends, i've done it before multiple times, running from one teacher to the next. That's fine, nothing to worry about.

    When I hear "Combination classes" however, it makes me think of what they have for the little kids with a half hour of one style in it with a half hour of another. Sometimes, it's even more! With classes like that you don't learn anything, and if they have those for like teenagers and such, I'd run since that sounds very much like a Dolly Dinkle school. Not safe and you learn nothing.

    Hope I helped.

    Source(s): Ballet dancer for 12 years, tap and jazz dancer for 7 years.
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