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? asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

how are the blue macaw species saved in rio the movie?

i mean blu and jewel mated in the end and had 3 chicks but how would that save their species because once they grow up who would they mate with? please will someone explain this i would really like to know

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    1 decade ago
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    That is one of the huge problems in saving any types of species right now.

    For example, a species with only 200 members left will have extremely high chances of mating someone from the same family. This will cause mutations which will hugely decrease their chances of survival. Also, few amounts of members will mean less variety of genetics, so there will be basically no survival of the fittest anymore, since there are so little. Let's say a disease affects them, there wouldn't be stronger members of the species to survive and carry that trait down. That's why in this case, Blu and Jewel are screwed. Lol.

    Of course you can also think about how the humans are also helping them. They can possibly fix broken strands of DNA. But so far, Their species is probably going to die... =O

    When I finished watching the movie, I was like "no wait a minute! This movie isn't a happy ending! their species are finished anyway!" but I guess we shouldn't look at this negatively, right?

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