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Story about little girl who falls ill after car crash. What illness to use?

In my story there is a little girl. A couple months (or years depending on time frame needed) she was in a car crash with her dad and he died. All she received was a blood transfusion and a broken arm. What diseases now a couple months down the line, could she develop from the car crash? You can change what happens to her in the crash.

At first I thought there's a disease in the blood from the transfusion but non really fit my story and fit for a little girl .

Please the time-frame for an illness to develop also needs to be correct, so you can tell me what I need to change.

Oh and if you need to even change how the dad dies and shes involved tell me



Please remember she's a little girl so can't get STDs. And please any others other than from blood transfusions, they are not suited.

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    A couple of months to years, puts these as "late" complications of road traffic accident injury. You could do what I have done and search Google on some string like, (copy and paste)

    late complications OR effects of "road traffic accident" OR rta injury in a +child

    ... you get mostly brain-injury type things, also psychiatric complications, and compensation issues, or I do, anyway.

    I take it you want the child's disease to be physical? How severe? Life threatening? Is the disease to be the main problem in the story, or is it just a side-issue? : )

    What I think would make a good story is: (I have a bee in my bonnet about this), - the child gets a late sub-dural blood clot, and has to have it evacuated surgically from the (sub-dural space), subdural haemorrhage is here, (click)

    Anyway, the child grows up and becomes an advocate for even ordinary car occupants to wear thin crash-helmets. She finds all the problems I have found, - i.e. people think you look weird wearing a crash helmet in a car; decent crash helmets are built with no ear-hole, you can't hear other traffic if you are wearing one; you bang your head on the roof of the car because of the extra height the helmet gives you. Then her own daugter gets saved by one, I don't know : )

    Or perhaps there is a big compensation battle over the child's injuries. The child keeps her family together by refusing to be any part of the huge sum of money.

    I don't quite know how the father's death can contribute to the forward movement of the story. The obvious connection is the child's grief, depending on how old she is. But perhaps there is a more subtle connection, - perhaps because the child's father dies before reaching a certain age, the father does not inherit money under a trust and it goes straight to the residuary beneficiary, - either the child or someone that you can re-incorporate into the story later.

    Perhaps a blood test consequent upon the accident, shows the child is not the biological offspring of the mother or the father, or she *is* the offspring of Rich Joe Famous.

    Just a few off-the-wall ideas, certified original.

    Best wishes,


    reitred ul gp.

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    Major infections from a deep wound that she got from the car crash, that makes a person realllllyyy sick! hope it helps

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    particular I merely study it and how tragic for that relatives! My strategies bypass out to that relatives. WOW is approximately all i'm able to declare. issues take place that we've got no clue why even nonetheless that is going to all make experience later in existence.

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